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How to File a Consumer Complaint against HDFC Bank?

Online Legal India LogoBy Noikata Published On 05 Nov 2020 Updated On 07 Apr 2021 Category Consumer Complaint

In India, payment gateway failures, mis-selling, fraudulent charges are becoming quite frequent in HDFC Bank today. Very often, the account holders experience misguidance from the bank employees too.

Luckily, as per the updated directives of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, every Indian citizen is empowered to file a complaint against the private banks in India for such a state of affairs.

Grounds under which we can file Consumer Complaint against HDFC Bank

  • Payment/transaction failures
  • Credit/Debit card issues
  • Misguidance from the bank
  • Hidden charges/ illegal money deduction
  • Loan issues

Consumer Compliant Filing

To file a complaint against HDFC Bank, at first, an applicant is required to be physically present in the branch and may approach the Nodal Officer of the bank.

Before that, the applicant needs to pen down the application containing the personal details, type of complaint, the branch/bank employee against whom the complaint will be filed, etc.

In case of not getting a satisfactory reply from the bank, the applicant can file a complaint against HDFC Bank in the consumer court. Here, the legal procedure demands to be present in the courtroom for follow-ups and claiming consumer rights.

However, you can file an online complaint against HDFC Bank as well!

How can we help you?

As an alternative to standing in the queue for hours and witnessing misconduct from the officials, it is highly recommendable to file an online complaint against HDFC Bank from your handheld gadgets.

Online Legal India™, the country’s leading consumer protection platform, is already being trusted by millions for claiming their consumer rights. At an unbeatable cost, the dedicated Advocate panel here provides 360° online support to the applicants from filing the complaint to the quick redressal process in the courtroom.

Be it in any part of India, claim your rights at the quickest by filing an online complaint with us.



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