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Filing a Consumer Complaint against Vistara

Online Legal India LogoBy Admin Published On 05 Nov 2020 Category consumer-complaint 1 comments

Witnessing the present circumstances, Vistara fraudulent cases have become quite frequent around us. In India, the particular Airline has recorded numerous passenger complaints in recent times.

Now, whether because of weather conditions or mechanical issues, it is often worth complaining. Which are the happenings in opposition we can file a complaint against Vistara?

  • Cancellation /rescheduling of Flights or delays in a journey
  • Misleading advertisement
  • Loss/damage of luggage
  • Misbehavior at the counter
  • Misinformation on confirmed booking

Followed by the directives of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the regulating authority for enforcement of airworthiness standards in the air transport services to, from, or within the Indian province.

Consumer complaint filing against Vistara:

In the process, an applicant can file a complaint before a jurisdiction authority. For that, you need to be physically present at the particular State Commission to file the complaint against Vistara by submitting the printed application by Post.

Subsequently, you are required to follow up with the legal procedures to claim your consumer right. You may need to be there in the courtroom a few more times too.

Or else, you can file an online complaint against Vistara!

File your complaint at one click:

Instead of waiting in the queue and wasting your precious time, why you would not file your complaint online against Vistara with the assistance of India’s leading consumer complaint expert panel?

While filing an online consumer complaint through Online Legal India™, you will be guided by our specialized Advocate panel at no cost and hands-on digital aid in all the stages of your complaint filing.

Be it in any corner of India, our team will reach out to identify with your matter of concern and will provide 360° online support till Vistara pays the remuneration and apologize for their wrongdoings.




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vistara airlines complaint

09 Jun, 2021

Dear Sir, this is to bring to your kind attention on the harassment meted out by Air Vistara to its passengers. 1) My wife had booked a ticket with Air Vistara for travel on 01 June 2021 from Delhi to Kochi 2) The airline was charging 40% higher than other available airlines at that time, still we booked at Air Vistara since we thought its a reputed airline and will provide value for the extra fare being charged by them. 4) Unfortunately the air line has treated the passenger quite badly - 5) As you may be aware the traffic conditions in Delhi, despite our leaving home for airport, which is just 30 minutes away from our home, we could reach the airport 30 minutes prior to its departure 5) My wife was travelling alone and pleaded with the airline staff to accomodate her in the airline since it was no fault the passenger to reach late 6) Over and above denying the passenger for travel in the airline, they have declared the passenger as "NO SHOW" and wanted to eat away the entire fare My repeated requests to the airline for the fare refund has fallen in deaf ears - as an apppelate authority for airline I urge your good office to intervene in the matter and instruct the airline to refund the full fare back to me. Looking in anticipation that your good office will end the high handedness of these private airlines. MY COMPLAINTS TO DGCA AUTHORITIES, MINISTRY OF CIVIL AVIATION, APPALETE AUTHORITY ETC IS IN VAIN thanking you yours truly venkit

Team Online Legal India™

09 Jun, 2021

Hello Venkit, team Online Legal India™ will be in touch with you shortly to discuss and file a Consumer Complaint against the hassle that you faced while flying with Vistara Airlines


Anjali Malhotra


Anjali Malhotra