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E-Commerce Complaint Filing against Discount/Gift Card Frauds

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 02 Dec 2020 Updated On 31 Dec 2021 Category Consumer Complaint

These days, we buy a lot of stuff at discounted prices during Sales on various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Ajio, eBay, etc.  E-commerce websites provide huge discounts, coupons, and even gift cards several times a year that are alluring in nature.

However, there is always a prevailing scam trap behind most of these E-Commerce Discounts and Gift Cards.

Grounds of E-Commerce Complaints  

The e-commerce businesses offer you discounts and then ask you for the bank account details.

They even send you a Gift Card and say you will get a car or a brand new TV if you pay some money. In the process, they always collect your credentials and drain out the hard-earned money illegally.

It is why every consumer should stay alert when they receive the Discount Coupons or Gift Cards. If somehow, a customer has been duped by the fake e-commerce platforms, then the individual should file an e-commerce complaint against fake discounts and gift cards.

The Issues Reported for E-Commerce Complaints against fake discounts/gift cards:

  • Hidden Charges behind Discounts
  • Discount provided on Increased MRP
  • Fake Gift Vouchers
  • Discounts mention excluding Taxes
  • Expired Gift Vouchers/Coupons/Cards
  • Misleading adverts and guidance

In the process, you can file an e-commerce complaint in the Consumer Court physically. But, standing in queues for long hours and drafting consumer complaints physically is a waste of time and money.

More annoyingly, it takes a long time for the cases to be resolved, and many cases even remain unresolved as well.

Filing E-Commerce Complaints Online

Filing a consumer complaint against an e-commerce website is very convenient nowadays with India’s very own consumer protection platform, Online Legal India™.

Here, by a single click, the complainant is collaboratively guided by a specialized advocate panel and legal advisers to get justice and remuneration at the quickest of all.

From gathering the case evidence to penning down the application and filing the complaint, an applicant will be provided with 360° legal support to fight for the consumer rights and make the frauds apologize for the wrongdoings.




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