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File Consumer Complaint against Airlines in India

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 02 Aug 2020 Updated On 24 Feb 2021 Category Consumer Complaint 50 comments

Invention of aviation or air transport has brought a revolutionary change in the world of transportation. Air Transport has won the tag of the fastest mode of transport and thus has become an inseparable part of our busy life when it comes to travel on an urgent note. In India also, the aviation sector plays a major role in domestic services, along with several international services to neighbouring countries in Asia.

However, this dynamic invention involves a high level of risks within its sector. Hence, flight, as well as passenger safety, must be the utmost concern of any airline. In order to ensure the same, every airline must follow the safety guidelines, for instance, flying with properly trained flight crew to safely coordinate their cockpit responsibilities, sufficiently stored fuel for on-air emergencies, well experienced, eminent pilots etc as provided by the airline authorities of India.

Also, it is needless to mention that in the past few years thousands of grievances have been filed against a number of airline companies in India regarding their inefficient service and lack of responsibilities towards passengers.

The aviation activities in India essentially come under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

Recently the Indian Society is experiencing a growing awareness regarding airline negligence and consumer rights at a rapid rate.

In case of death of any passenger as well as any other injury whether partial or permanent caused to any passenger, the victim himself/herself or any relative of the concerned victim can claim justice under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 was introduced by the Government of India with a goal to safeguard the interests of the Consumers and serve speedy redressal against unfair trade practices in India.

Consumer Complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction on a consumer’s behalf to a responsible party”, anyone who is a rightful consumer can easily file a complaint against the responsible service provider. Also, in most of the cases, the respondent is directed by the Court to pay compensation to the consumer including the legal expenses caused to him/her.

Issues faced due to Airline negligence in India

The airline companies in India are currently bearing a heavy load of consumer complaints on their shoulder regarding their negligent services. Most of such grievances have been raised due to unethical and callous behaviour and lack of professionalism in their field.

Money-minded airline owners be it government or private, are only concerned about earning their revenue, encroaching the hard-earned money of the innocent passengers.

Thus, they are silently or actively contributing to spreading the web of unfair trade practices throughout the country. When it comes to earning a profit, this business-minded airline companies do not even hesitate to put their passengers’ life at stake.

A passenger may raise a complaint against any Airline Company in India upon facing any of the following situations:-

  • Cancellation of flights without proper intimation with the passenger;
  • Cancellation of flight tickets at the last minute without prior intimation;
  • Unreasonably delay in departure;
  • Behavioural issues of flight crews with passengers;
  • Bad food service while onboard;
  • Non-initiation of refund in case of refundable bookings;
  • Safety issues of the passengers etc.

How can Online Legal India™ help you?

If you have suffered from airline negligence in India and looking for quick and quality redressal then you are in the right place. Our website has already dealt with more than 5,000 consumer dispute cases out of more than 800 cases are consumer complaints regarding airline negligence. As airline negligence is a challenging issue, one can easily Register a Consumer Complaint in the District Consumer Forum against the concerned Airline Company or Airline authority or anyone engaged in such profession and claim justice.

Here your entire case will be exclusively guided by our well experienced, profound legal experts throughout the process who will also take care of all the legal procedures till the end in order to provide you hassle-free, quality justice.

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30 Sep, 2021

I have booked a flight via Air Arabia on 25th September. On arrival at the airport the Air Arabia officials told me that I cannot board my flight because I didn't had a Rtpcr certificate but I had a vaild certificate of sputnik vaccination taken before 14 days of travel but they didn't informed me anything about a Rtpcr test certificate even at the Time of booking nether in there website it is not mentioned for a mandatory Rtpcr Certificate, it's mentioned as either a valid Vaccination certificate or A Rtpcr certificate taken 72 hours before travel and at the airport air arabia officals told me that I can change my flight date to another day, there is nothing to be worried of and told me to contact Air Arabia customer service as per there request, I came back home and I contacted Air Arabia Customer Service the next day and told them I want to change my travel date to next week but they told me they can't change my ticket instead they issued me a vocher or 169 Aed which is roughly 3500 inr for a ticket worth 38000 Inr Please kindly look into this issue and please help me resolve this as fast as possible

Team Online Legal India™

02 Oct, 2021

Hello, thank you for sharing your issue with us. We have escalated your issue and be ready with all the necessary evidence. Team Online Legal India will get back to you soon to discuss and resolve your issue by filing a Consumer Complaint against Airlines in India.


27 Jun, 2021

Hellow I booked flight from make my trip for nagpur to mumbai, first i locked flight price and as per rule i paid balance amount within 24 hrs, but pnr not issued by make my trip. I called their customer care they said your money will be refunded but no refund done till now also there is no responce to my complaint in their site.

Team Online Legal India™

28 Jun, 2021

Hello Sahin, this is hurtful to know about your concerns. Team Online Legal India™ will get back to you shortly to discuss and initiate the consumer complaint process against the Airlines disputes.


26 Mar, 2022

My mother suppose to board to morning flight from Madurai to malaysia in srilankan airlines which was a transit flight.. Due to the ground staff negligence and arrogance they didn't let my mother to board.. They didn't even awas followed by the government.. This is really a stressful situation for the whole family even though we have carried all the required documents. They dnt even have a basic respect on the passenger and very rude behavior as well.we lost the money and mental peace, this the situation in india for indian situation.. Kindly help us how to handle with this


19 Oct, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam, This is to inform that we (SUBHRAJIT DAS, AHANA DAS, SWATI SAMADDAR) have travelled from Rupsi to Kolkata on 17th Oct’21 (PNR: WVUG77 – S9211, 17Oct2021 RUP-CCU, 1140-1315 hrs). We had a terrible experience with the airline management and are still suffering from that. I. We entered the airport with e-adhaar soft copies (original pdf downloaded from UIDAI website) but after the security scan during luggage check-in flybig representative harassed us asking for hard copies of Identity cards. The gentleman asked us to download adhaar for which we needed an internet connection as most of the mobile network was unavailable/very weak inside the airport. The representative could neither provide wifi or printing arrangement and went on harassing without acknowledging authentic e-adhaar. At last we were forced to show other IDs available. This is surprising from any professional airline. II. After we reached Kolkata Airport (CCU) we waited for our luggage when we didn’t find our luggage in belt flybig representative appeared and said the luggage has not been sent in the flight and couldn’t confirm how long it will take to arrive in Kolkata (Initially they said by 10PM on 17th oct, then the next day by evening to 48 hrs). They cited the luggage overweight issue which is not valid as our luggage is only 31kgs out of 45 kgs allowed. The representatives (Mr. Vinod, mob:7980533419 and others) misbehaved, threatened asking names and on the contrary accused us saying we were informed prior to departure and “we all are lying” at CCU. There were 7-8 more passengers who faced the same. This is very unprofessional, disappointing and uncouth. How can flybig remove luggages without passenger’s consent leaving us in such a mess? My wife and daughter had to stay back in Kolkata for the luggage (The luggage finally reached the given Kolkata address on 18th Evening!). I had a connecting train at 9:30pm from Howrah station but they couldn’t send the luggage in time. My Flat keys, Bike keys, mobile charger and all other belongings were left with the luggage and I am in a miserable situation. I had to join the office the next morning but due to this mismanagement I was left with no other option and had to arrange to break and re-install the entrance door lock of my flat by finding a local carpenter early in the morning which costs me Rs. 10,000. In arranging all this I missed my office on 18.10.21. The luggage has reached Kolkata now but I am not sure when I will be able to get my belongings as I don’t see any upcoming trip in near future, which makes the situation even worse. Some of my items couldn’t even be delivered through courier, speed post as per policy. I strongly demand necessary action as early as possible against this extreme mismanagement by flybig causing unnecessary problems and harassment. The return journey fare (PNR: WVUG77 – S9211, 17 Oct2021 RUP-CCU, 1140-1315 hrs) should be waived off and monetary compensation of 10000/- should be provided at an earliest. p.s: boarding pass, PIR and Baggage Tag is with us.

Team Online Legal India™

19 Oct, 2021

Hello Mr. Das, thank you for highlighting the issue and we will get back to you shortly to resolve your issue by filing a Consumer Complaint against Airlines in India. Be ready with all the evidence.


17 Oct, 2021

My refund Airlines

Team Online Legal India™

19 Oct, 2021

Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. We have received several complaints against Airline and successfully solving their issue by filing a Consumer Complaint. Be ready with the necessary evidence as we are about to reach out to you to address your concern.

Kunal Vora

17 Apr, 2021

I had booked Malaysian airline flight from Sydney to Mumbai for 17th march 2020 through portal. Malaysian airline cancled the flight citing covid 19 and closed Indian border. I asked for refund of ticket but they are refusing the same and giving me credit which is of no use since i do not plan for travel right now. I have shared indian govt order on refund of flight but they rejected it saying its applicable for ticket booked in India but since i had booked on and paid in AUD its considered as booked in Australia. I even shared govt of Malaysia order for refund which they said its only on best effort basis and not a compulsion. Please tell me how to get my refund or file a case against them.

Team Online Legal India™

18 Apr, 2021

Hello Kunal, team Online Legal India™ will be in touch with you shortly to discuss and file a Consumer Complaint against the hassle that you faced from Spicejet.


17 Mar, 2021

I m booking my flight on 25th feb at lowest rate from srinagar to ranchi with connecting flight for 25th the short time delhi to ranchi will be canceled and company was inform me on 16th march after jumping rate of all flight..after asking costomer care what is option..they will suggest me take flight before 01 day or after 04 days..your flight was canceled but ..after asking by me plss is urgent the same day I have already train tickets...if u r no enable give me tickets for another flight plss provide me sxr to patna at same day...but company associate member was denied..and sunset me just canceled.. no other option in my company..I just went to know why not any rules against in aviation sector or civil aviation company for passenger welfare...many company are cheating with passengers...they was make booking and take money. And yes in her marketing...for more days..and after some day ..just tell flight is canceled...

Team Online Legal India™

17 Mar, 2021

Hello Kumar Kesav, it is hurtful to know about the fraudulent disputes you are facing. Team Online Legal India™ will get back to you shortly to discuss and initiate the Airline Complaint filing process against the fraud Airline's disputes.


16 Dec, 2021

I booked a ticket on your airline ten days before . When I arrived at the airport on the 12th December day of travel, the authorities told me that you could not board this flight so I humbly ask you to refund my booking fee. My Ticket-Booking ID : 7560985797

Team Online Legal India™

17 Dec, 2021

Hello Balamurugan, we have received several complaints from Airline customers and successfully solved their issue by filing a Consumer complaint against them. We are about to reach out to you to discuss and address your concern. Thank you for reaching out to us.


15 Apr, 2021

Hello Myself Kirti Kaur Taneja, actually I have booked my flight through Yatra and my flight is on 18th April 2021 from New Delhi to Bagdogra where I am flying with Air India Airlines and will be returning on 27th April from Bagdogra to New Delhi where I am flying with Spicejet Airlines, as I was about to take my MBA exams but due to the rate of increase Covid infection my University has postponed the exams. Now I am facing the problem regarding my flight booking amount, for last 4days I talked with both Airlines but they did not help us. I also mailed and call them many times and also twitted them on twitter but still helpless. I am a student when govt has postponed the exams so why the student has to suffer due to this. As there is no policy of the airlines from where students travel outside to go there to take Exams. I can also share the all relevant documents with airlines as they provide the worst service. I am sharing my Details with you please check and help me.. Booking Number:- 0604210036103 Spicejet PNR:- JETS7 AirIndia Airline:- QJCC8B I hope You will help meee Regards Kirti

Team Online Legal India™

16 Apr, 2021

Hello Kirti, thank you for reaching out to us. The Legal Expert Panel of Online Legal India™ will reach out to you shortly to initiate the Consumer Complaint filing process against the Airline disputes


14 Sep, 2021

Hi, I have booked a ticket from kolkata to port balir fom flipkart. Flight got cancelled and i rescheduled it in october.., Now in their site my ticket details are not showing. Wait time is extremely high and they put me on hold everytime.. My PNR number is HL6W2.. Can u pls help me provide my ticket.. If not, then pls help me get my refund

Team Online Legal India™

14 Sep, 2021

Hello Shradha, thank you for reaching out to us. We have escalated your issue and will get back to you soon to resolve your issue by filing a Consumer Complaint against Airlines in India.

Suman Agarwal

13 Apr, 2021

I was about to travel from Kolkata to Port Blair on 15th March, 2021 with my husband, 3.5 years old daughter, my sister in law, her husband and her 1.5 years old daughter. Since we are facing pandemic and I have already heard from my relatives and friends that covid test is mandatory for traveling to Port Blair, my husband had enquire from spicejet customer care on 10th March, 2021 after booking tickets whether we require covid report for kids of 3.5 years old and 1.5 years old for traveling from Kolkata to Port Blair. The customer care executive said clearly that covid test is require for adults and not for kids. My husband, Hemant Agarwal asked her again as she is 3.5 years old, so is it confirmed that she won't be requiring covid report for boarding the flight and the Customer care executive replied again that covid report of a kid of 3.5 years old and 1.5 years old don't require. So we 4 adults underwent covid test and we reached on 15th March morning to board the flight to Port Blair. But to our surprise and disappointment, the flight attendant sitting in the boarding pass counter said that they can't let my 3.5 years old daughter to board the flight as she doesn't have covid report. We said them if covid report is required for even 3 years old kid then why their customer care executive gave us wrong information, we have done our covid test then we could have done her test also if we would have been informed right. Now how is it possible to leave a 3.5 years old kid. The spice jet executives in the airport were started behaving rudely and didn't agree to our statement until we make them hear the recording from customer care executive. Then the executive said there is no more flight today to Port Blair, bring covid report of the kid today and we can re schedule your tickets to tomorrow. But if we would have gone on 16th March, our whole trip would have been rotten as we were about to go another island on 16th March morning. So we search that there is a flight of Go air at 3.30 pm on 15th March itself but only 2 tickets availbale, we arranged for rapid covid test of our daughter. My husband and daughter couldn't board flight with us and I have to leave her for the whole day. She was crying her lungs out. I got to know from husband that she got fever later that day. We were mentally harassed

Team Online Legal India™

14 Apr, 2021

Hello Suman, team Online Legal India™ will be in touch with you shortly to discuss and file a Consumer Complaint against the hassle that you faced from Spicejet.

Shubham Aggarwal

11 May, 2021

Hi, I am having flight from T-3 IGI Delhi on 11th May 2021 Air France Flight from Delhi to Paris, Then Parish to Montreal Canada As per French embassy website in Delhi who are permanent resident of Canada they don't require airport transit visa to transit from french airport to any destination outside Schengen area. I called to French embassy before booking ticket that I Can travel from delhi to paris . Paris to Montreal without leaving paris international transit area. They said Yes And I booked the ticket for my travel. Even air france website mentions that if you are permanent resident of Canada you don't need airport transit visa to transit from paris to montreal. I have done RT- PCR and Rapid antigen test before taking flight. But at check in they didn't let me in the flight citing I can't travel to canada. This is totally insane even after following french embassy conditions and air france website conditions they didn't let me to go paris to Montreal. This Seriously damage my feelings about being a Indian. Rest in Peace Indian System.

Team Online Legal India™

12 May, 2021

Hello Shubham, this is hurtful to know about your concerns. Team Online Legal India™ will get back to you shortly to discuss and initiate the consumer complaint process against the Airlines disputes.

Akash agarwal

08 Oct, 2021

Really disappointed with Spicejet they rescheduled my flight without any reason. I paid extra to get the direct flight just because of some emergency and now they are offering me a flight with stops that takes more than double time or  they are also offering me to take full refund  but now I'm not in position to book another flight because prices have gone up now. It cost me around double from the time i booked this flight.  Kindly help me out of this.               Thank you

Team Online Legal India™

09 Oct, 2021

Hello Akash, thank you for highlighting the issue with us. Our Team will connect with you shortly to discuss and resolve your issue.

shiv kumar

08 Apr, 2021

It almost 6 months that i am asking for the refund of my ticket which i have cancelled on 12th Oct 2020 and now AirIndia is saying that they have refunded the money on 4th March 2021 but when i checked my account there was no such transaction.I have shared the bank statement as well from which i have paid the amount of the ticket.This is an serious situation

Team Online Legal India™

10 Apr, 2021

Hello Shiv Kumar, it is hurtful to know about the fraudulent disputes you are facing currently. Team Online Legal India™ will get back to you shortly to discuss and initiate the Airline Complaint filing process against the fraud Airline's disputes.


07 Mar, 2021

Dear concerned, To brief, my two baggage arrived after two days of my arrival and one in a damaged condition but there were no items missing inside the baggage. As my medicines and clothes were all caught in the baggage I need to buy a pair of clothes and few medicines for two days. The response from the airlines staffs at Mangalore Airport was that the baggage will be delivered after two days and the general information to all the passengers was to raise the complaint through email to What as a passenger, we request is a fair reply that accepts the responsibilities for the baggage and genuine/reasonable compensation to manage oneself for those two days. After writing several mails and wasting our valuable time I got a response that they would provide Rs.500 as a compensation. This would not even suffice the repair charges of my suitcase. My observation is that the Airlines wants the passengers to accept the delay or damage to the baggage as unforeseen incidences and the Airlines are not responsible for the same. Whereas if your hand baggage is even one Kg more they charge the passengers ruthlessly at the Airport. For your reference the details of my travel is given below SpiceJet Airlines - traveled from Dubai to Mangalore by flight not SG146, seat no 13B, on 14th Feb 21 and reached on 15th Feb 21 morning. If your interventions would form a standard response or a system that compensates each and every passenger a fixed reasonable amount, not a meager amount like IRs. 500/- in case of any delay in getting the baggage. Not only for the passengers who fights but to everyone like how the Airlines standardized the excess weight charges for the hand baggage for every passengers. My request the reasonable compensation of almost 2500 IRS from Airlines and myself spent almost 3100 IRS including the medicine. This charges do not include the damage happened to my baggage and the cost of my suitcase itself would be around IRS 3,500. Thanks and expecting positive response from the Legal team of India Best regards Selvaraj

Team Online Legal India™

08 Mar, 2021

Hello Selvaraj, thank you for reaching out to us. The Legal Expert Panel of Online Legal India™ will reach out to you shortly to initiate the Consumer Complaint filing process against the Airline disputes.


06 Nov, 2020

Air Vistara is not giving GST bills, have dropped many mails to them, including their nodal officers along with two reminders after they replied. Tickets were booked via Goibibo, they say the GST bill would be issued by the airline only. Can we file a case against them in consumer court?


06 Oct, 2021

I had put in a request to customer care @airindiain for a flight reschedule. My original flight was scheduled for 5:50 am, 18th August'21 from Kochi to London, Heathrow Airport ( Booking ref : Y2BDS) which was a direct flight. I wanted the evening flight on the same day instead. This was not a direct flight. It flew from kochin to Bombay and then to London. I was assured that this is possible and that I shall get my rescheduled ticket soon. But it never happened, I never recieved the ticket. Even after multiple calls/emails to the customer care centre. I was told I would recieve it as my PNR status said 'Holding Confirm'. Yet I didn't recieve it even after my original flight took off. I was assured again and again that I will recieve the new ticket. But once the original flight took off, I had no message or calls from them. I had to book through another airline at a much higer cost as my travel was necessary. International flights cost a LOT and I am a master's student from India. I have screenshots and recording of the call.

Team Online Legal India™

06 Oct, 2021

Hello Rajeswari, thank you for contacting us. Team Online Legal India will connect with you soon to resolve your issue by filing a Consumer Complaint against Airlines in India.

Flory Dsouza

06 May, 2021

We have booked tickets of Goair to travel form Mumbai to Chennai in the month of May22, 2021 and return ticket of Indigo dated May 24,2021. With the new travel restrictions and the covid second wave it is not possible to travel . The total number of tickets 6. We are trying to call the airlines nobody is answering and we do not want to travel on the particular date due to the restrictions . There are no options to reschedule the travel. How can the airlines just cheat the people by not understand the grave situation. Airlines are just cheating.

Team Online Legal India™

07 May, 2021

Hello Flory, it is hurtful to know about the fraudulent disputes you are facing currently with GO AIR and Indigo . Team Online Legal India™ will get back to you shortly to discuss and initiate the Airline Complaint filing process against the fraud Airline's disputes.


06 Mar, 2022

I think it's too much price for food beverage from all flight so I wl request to get some barkening from all flight for food beverage


06 Feb, 2021

Have a refund pending from Qatar Airways since October 2020 which they had mailed initially saying 28 days ..then due to some internal technicality of price mentioned on ticket vs part paid on Qmiles they have not got back despite 10 reminders ..each time they say they will request another internal department to "expedite " Are international flight co also governed by Indian consumer laws or I need to reach out to another forum?

Team Online Legal India™

08 Feb, 2021

Hello Usha, Thank you for reaching out to us. The Legal Team of Online Legal India™ will contact you shortly to efficiently solve your issue at the quickest.

Diwakar Sahi

03 Dec, 2020

I came from Dubai to Delhi on 05 November 20. G8-4011 FILIGHT. My baggage lost by Go Air Line. I have complained but not updated me. What is status of my baggage. CUSTOMER care not answer the call. Please help me .

Team Online Legal India™

04 Feb, 2021

Hello Diwakar, Thank you for reaching out to us. The Legal Team of Online Legal India™ will contact you shortly to solve your issue efficiently at the quickest.

Lakshmi k s

03 Feb, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam “Namaskar “ I Dr Mohan Doddegowda Rangappa currently working for MOH Saudi Arabia write this email to express my grievance regarding experience which I am facing from 1:20 am till now 8:5 am @ kempedowda international airport Bengaluru to travel from BLR to Riyadh . To under stand easily I will put it in sequence in order how they happened. 1)1:20 am we (me , my wife Kataveeranahalli shekar Lakshmi, My Son Dhrupad Mohan Sujal,My daughter Nirutha Mohan Sujal) arrived at KIAB 2) 2:00 am while standing in a queue to get boarding pass , staff MR sameer called us to aside and told you can’t check in as your destination country has imposed In turn I asked is there any other alternative to travel for that he said take air India flight if available and go 3)Then we asked what is the reason why we can not travel in quatar airways but we can in air India For that he said talk to Our staff MR Milind (duty manager) 4) MR Milind started talking arrogantly and said do whatever you can 5) 3:00 am I aproached Globe ground India Ltd and KIAB to arrange some mode to fly or to give in writing the reason to deny my boarding pass but that attempt went in vain with no solution 6) 3: 30 am I wrote a mail to Qatar airlines 7) some of the staff of Globe ground India and Pawan kumar (security personel ) they both threatened us saying you will be put behind bar if you talk more and take photo of scene 8) since then we all 4 are sitting dharana In front of terminal manager office KIAB and bringing to your kind notice as it urgent because my visa my family visa is going to expire in couple of day’s With regards Dr Mohan Doddegowda Rangappa Secretary Gutte sri Doddegowda Rangappa and Ganjam Bommegowda Parvathamma seva trust (Reg)

Team Online Legal India™

20 Feb, 2021

Thank you for reaching out to us. The Legal Panel of Online Legal India™ will contact you shortly to resolve your issue.

Mohamed Basith

02 Nov, 2021

Need to file a case against Srilankan Airlines

Team Online Legal India™

06 Nov, 2021

Thank you for reaching out to us. Our Team will connect with you shortly to discuss and resolve your issue by filing a Consumer Complaint against Airlines in India.


Anjali Malhotra


Anjali Malhotra


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