Copyrights vs Patents vs Trademarks: A Complete Guide

Intellectual property is basically the creations produced out of human intellect. From artistic works like music to writing, from scientific discoveries to nonscientific inventions – all the creations fall under the criteria of intellectual property. Intellectual property laws encourage creation of diverse intellectual goods and also provide protection and safety from […]

Trademark Examples: Everything You Must Know

Trademark Examples- Everything You Must Know

Trademark is basically a word, phrase or symbol that represents a company and product. It differentiates the products and services of a particular organization from the products and services provided by its competitors. You can register trademarks to protect the rights of their creations, also called Intellectual Property. There are some […]

What is Trademark? Know All About Trademark

A trademark is usually a word, phrase or symbol which indicates a particular product and distinguishes it from other products of its criteria. A trademark actually means that a specific product belongs to a specific company and exclusively recognizes the ownership of the company on the brand. Just like trademark, a […]