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How to Apply for FSSAI Food License?

Step 1: Fill the application form Online
Step 2: Make Online Payment (Govt. Fees + Processing Fees)
Step 3: Get a call from FSSAI expert for Registration or License
Step 4: Provide all necessary documents
Step 5: Our expert will process the same
Step 6: FSSAI Certificate will be sent from Govt. of India

What are the advantages of having FSSAI License?

  • TRUST OF THE CUSTOMERS: There had to be communication to gain the trust of the Customer and that will establish better work and prevent the customers from unhealthy and adulterated food suppliers.
  • LEGAL ADVANTAGES: It will enhance the laws and control over the department at a single point and will encourage establishment of different things to a particular area.
  • GOVERNMENT FUNDING AND LOANS: The Privileges of Government Funding and Loans can be easily accessible.
  • USE OF FSSAI LOGO: The use of FSSAI will automatically create a goodwill and would create trustworthiness.
  • BRAND VALUE: When a company is FSSAI registered it will automatically create the Brand Value.
  • EXPANSION OF BUSINESS: The FSSAI license can be used at a wider scope and hence can be privileged for expansion of the business at any geographic location.
  • GET RECOGNIZED BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA: As FSSAI License is Recognized by the Government of India and the business concerned with it will automatically have the trust of the customers and which will lead to create huge base of the customers.
  • PERMIT OD FOOD RELATED BUSINESS: Food Safety and Standards Authority issued the FSSAI License which speaks for itself about the safety of the customers concerning to any Food related business.
  • BENEFITS FROM GOVERNMENT ACTIONS ON NON-COMPLIANCE: In case there will be any Non-Compliance taken place in future then in that case there will be privileges of the Government actions
  • BOOST UP YOUR BUSINESS: When the Business is FSSAI registered it will create a handsome base of the clients and will automatically boost up the business at a larger scale.

How much I have to pay for FSSAI?

Processing fee of Rs. 1999/- including Government fee (GST is applicable). No Hidden Charge & Only one time payment.

Who Needs An FSSAI License?

Select Your Business & Apply for FSSAI Food license

Documents Required For FSSAI Food License

Required Documents for Basic FSSAI License

  • Any Identity Proof document like Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Driving License.

How We Work ?

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Responsibility of ensuring compliance of FSSAI Act, 2006 rules and regulations made thereunder by the FBO’s

In case of death of the FSSAI license holder, the FSSAI license can be shifted to the legal representative or any family member of the dead holder. The legal representative or the family member needs to apply to the concerned Authority to shift the license in his/her name.

Yes, you require having an FSSAI registration particularly if your business is on a small scale and turnover is among 0-12 lakh.

The highest penalty for violation of regulations associated with the labeling on food items is up to 10 lakhs.

Complaint related infringement of the provisions of Act and Regulation. Some of them are:

  • Food Adulteration
  • Food poisoning
  • Food contamination
  • Misleading labeling and packaging
  • Misleading Ads
  • Licensing and registration-related complaints
  • Artificial products
  • Sub-standard quality of food products

Yes, you would require a separate license for each kind of products you are dealing in.

The requirement of FSSAI Registration or license depends upon turnover and type of food business activity. Generally, Basic FSSAI Registration will fulfill your requirement if your turnover is below ₹12 lakh, else you need State or Central FSSAI license.

The validity of FSSAI Registration/License is varied from 1-5 years. Accordingly, the person needs to apply for FSSAI Renewal.

All the Food Caterers operating from the government establishments such as railway stations & airports require FSSAI Central license.

Those having turnover < ₹30 Crore and owning up to 100 wagons require FSSAI State license. Those with turnover > ₹30 Crore and owning more than 100 wagons require FSSAI Central license.

If the food business operator fails to comply with an improvement notice, his license may be suspended.

If the food business operator fails to comply with the improvement notice, the DO may, after giving the licensee an opportunity to show cause, cancel the license.

Licensing Officer can reject the application in the case when the required information is not provided within the stipulated time of 30 days

“Recall” means action taken by the FBO to withdraw any food from market which is not complying Section 28 of FSS Act, 2006.

Food Business Operator operating in more than two States has to get Central License for its registered Office/ Head Office and separate license/ Registration for each units depending upon the capacity/ turnover from the concerned State/ Central Licensing Authority.

FSSAI license/Registration for food premises under Railways are issued by the Railways Designated Officers/FSO notified by Food Authority from time to time.

FSSAI license for food premises in Airport/Seaport are issues by APHO/PHO notified by Food Authority from time to time through Online FLRS system

All FBO including medical stores have to get FSSAI license/registration.

Under Regulation 2.1.7 (1) of FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations 2011, a license granted under these Regulations shall be valid and subsisting, unless otherwise specified, for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the Food Business Operator, from the date of issue of license subject to remittance of fee applicable for the period and compliance with all conditions of license.

Labeling requirements of Imported Food Items are mentioned under Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations, 2011, Food Safety and Standards (Import) Regulations, 2017, other specific FSS Regulations and other labeling requirements are mentioned in various guidelines, orders, instructions issued by FSSAI from time to time which are available on FSSAI website.

Balance shelf-life means the period between the date of import (Import General Manifest) and “Best Before” or “Date of expiry” as the case may be.

“Shelf life” means the period between the date of manufacture and the “Best Before” or “Date of expiry” whichever is earlier as printed on the label;

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