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 Legal Advice Charges INR 499/-
 Legal Advice + Legal Notice INR 999/-
 Any Agreement/Will/Notary & Affidavit and any others INR 1499/-

Legal Help is the way to provide assistance to the people who is not able to access the court easily. Legal Help includes various kinds of advice, providing service, forming draft or agreement etc. Legal advice is the way of giving professional opinion relating to any factual matter or any situation. Our company provides with the solution to their clients based on the applicable law. We provide the best of advice in exchange of monetary compensation.
In our common law system, in criminal and civil law, advice is being provided by the advocates or lawyers, or other professionals (such as tax experts, professional advisors, etc).

In today’s world, with modernization, crimes are also increasing at fast rate, so there is constant requirement of legal help. We at FastInfo Legal Service Pvt Ltd., are here to provide with the solution for the clients. Clients gets here the best of services provided by our professionals, working for the satisfaction of the client. With the advent of the internet, we offer answers to legal questions to the clients directly, through our web services.

In Legal Language, any complaint filed by an individual that sets outs the facts and legal reasons. But in simple language, what we understand is that complaint made by a person legally against the person who has brought the claim.


  • Legal Advice Charges INR 499/-
  • Legal Advice + Legal Notice INR 999/-
  • Any Agreement/Will/Notary & Affidavit and any others INR 1499/-

*GST is applicable

Online/Phone Legal Advice V/S In-Person Consultation

  • A real time most demanding legal support
  • Save time
  • Save Transportation cost
  • Private matters can be discussed freely
  • Convenient mode of communication
  • Convenient for clients with busy schedules
  • Provide urgent solutions for some clients

How We Work ?

Services Offered

  • Legal advice (Civil and Criminal)
  • Family & Matrimonial matters
  • Civil and Property matters
  • Banking matters
  • Business Law Matters
  • Employment and Labor Matters
  • Other Legal Services
  • Send a legal notice
  • Send a demand notice
  • Review a Legal document
  • Review property Papers
  • Draft agreement

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  • Any person or body corporate in India or outside India;
  • Government of India authorities

Any matter relating to Civil and Criminal, Family & Matrimonial matters, Civil and Property matters, Banking matters, Business Law Matters, Employment and Labor Matters, RTI, GST, Consumer Protection matters can be taken.

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if any individual or company is not satisfied with our advice then we will provide another legal expert without any additional costs.

The average time taken from us to reply is 5 mins to 24 business hours.

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