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12 Easy Ways to Avoid Delay in FSSAI Food License Registrations

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 Food laws have become increasingly important in recent years as a result of a rise in the number of health hazards and food product adulteration. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, or FSSAI, has established several laws and regulations in the areas of hygiene and safety. This assures that the supply of safe and high-quality food is not jeopardized at any food establishment.

One of the most significant procedures in opening a restaurant is registering for an FSSAI food license online in India. Delays in receiving certificates have a number of negative effects for food enterprises, thus it is critical to minimize delays in the issuance of licenses and make sure to get hold of it at the earliest.

What is the significance of the FSSAI Food License?

There are a number of reasons why any food establishment should get an FSSAI Food license. The following are some of the most important reasons:

  • Under FSSAI rules, consumers are made aware of the safety and standard regulations.

  • Provides a high level of assurance about the quality of the available items and the services that restaurants provide.

  • Ascertain that the restaurant's business is free of legal entanglements.

  • Depending on the sort of license the business receives, this regulation allows for restaurant expansion.

Steps to Take to Avoid Delays in Obtaining a Food License

The issuance of an FSSAI Food License helps the business to operate smoothly in terms of policy compliance. There are a number of reasons why the concerned authorities may take longer to provide the FSSAI Food license. The following are some of the most critical techniques to avoid an FSSAI Food License delay:

  • If someone wants to receive a food license, they must choose the correct type of food business.

  • In addition, the individual must select a food product classification code. The authorities can offer the category code via a simple connection.

  • The applicant must present a comprehensive set of documents that are correct and complete.

  • According to the sort of business, one must determine whether they are eligible for a central or state license or registration.

  • The applicant must be ready for his or her food business to be inspected.

  • The applicant should be aware of the conditions that must be met in order to obtain a food business license.

  • The applicant should be familiar with the treasury heads and payment methods.

  • One technical expert must be nominated by the applicant to supervise the production. He needs a degree or diploma in food technology or a science degree, for example.

  • The applicant must name someone to be in charge of enforcing the license's terms.

  • If the authorities have any questions or require any information, the applicant must respond within 30 days. The authorities will reject the application if the response is not received in a timely manner. 

  • If the licensing authority does not respond, the applicant may write to the food commissioner.

  • If the applicant is extracting groundwater to run his food company, he must get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the central groundwater authority.

What are the steps taken by the Government?

In a letter dated May 24, 2019, The Joint Director (RCD) FSSAI proposed measures to reduce delays in FSSAI registration. The government requires that licenses be issued within a certain time frame, some of the laws were:

  • If the Licensing authorities do not respond to the application by the 7th day, the authorities will issue the registration certificate on the 8th day.

  • Furthermore, if the authorities do not grant the license within 60 days, they must do so on the 61st day after the application is filed.

  • The authorities will grant the FSSAI License on the 76th day from the date of filing the application if the Designated Officer leaves the FSSAI License unresolved until the 75th day.

  • Most crucially, if the Food Business Operator does not respond to the Licensing Authorities' questions within 30 days, his application will be considered denied on the 31st day.


The delay in the issue of the FSSAI Food License can become a huge problem for food businesses. It is therefore needed to be issued on time for an efficient business and take actions accordingly. 

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