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Consumer Complaints Filing against Adani Electricity

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 30 Nov 2020 Updated On 20 Dec 2021 Category Consumer Complaint

Since the implementation of the Indian Electricity Act, 2003, electricity has been privatized in the country. There are multiple provisions for billings and electricity consumption units under different privatized electricity distributors.

Adani Electricity is one of the leading privatized electricity suppliers in Mumbai and all around Maharashtra. The common consumers often fall victim to cases of mishandling and bill manipulation from the end of Adani. 

Thus, it is recommended to know the legal procedure to file a complaint against Adani Electricity.

Reasons for Complaint Filing against Adani Electricity

Any consumer can claim for redressal of the following grievances to the consumer court:

  • Non-supply of Electricity Meter 
  • Wrong and Disproportionate Electricity Bills
  • Bills for other user’s connection
  • Disconnection without Notice and Reason
  • Bill without taking a Meter Reading 
  • Bill for Defective/Burnt Meter
  • Bill without any Consumption of Electricity

Complaint Filing against an Electricity Supplier

Special courts for electricity grievances had been set up in India by the electricity department.

Apart from that, the Honorable Supreme Court passed the verdict that consumer forums can also hear electricity matters and provide an additional remedy to consumers. 

Standing in queues for long hours and drafting complaints physically sum up to a waste of both time and money, and many cases even remain unresolved as well. It is a lengthy and complicated process that often results in impatience and irritation.

Filing Consumer Complaints Online against Adani Electricity

Filing a consumer complaint against the electricity supplier in any state has become easier with the advent of digital services.

Thus, it is recommended to use online mode for lodging a complaint. One can sit anywhere and lodge an online complaint against Adani Electricity at the country’s very own consumer protection platform, Online Legal India™.

Trusted by more than 1,20,000+ countrymen, the specialized Advocate panel here provides the 360° legal support to fight for your consumer rights and guides you until the case is resolved. 





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