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Customer Is GOD! If any company has failed to serve good service or good product, customers have right to file complaint against the company & request for compensation in consumer court/forum. Online Legal India will provide you with legal support until your case is resolved. Save Time – Get Justice!

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(Suppose you have purchased any product or availed any service amounting Rs.1999 where you have incurred a loss, Rs. 1999 is your loss/disputed amount.)

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What is a Consumer Complaint?

Consumers who pay for a specific good or service have the right to take legal action if they receive subpar products or subpar services. The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 gives consumers various legal rights and protections. According to this Act, the customer may take a business or service provider to court with a formal complaint. An online consumer complaint is what this specific issue is known as. If the business ignores a legal warning to correct the problem, a complaint is typically made. All necessary information and accompanying documentation must be submitted when registering a complaint. The consumer courts in India offer clients prompt legal counsel and decisions.

What are the steps for filing a Consumer Complaint?


Send a notice mentioning the problem/ fault you faced

The first step is to express your concerns over the product or service in writing to the manufacturer or seller. For claims above 10,000, it is highly recommended that you have a conversation with your lawyer and deliver the notice through the lawyer on professional letterhead. This will show the vendor that you plan to bring legal action.


Wait for a response from the vendor

Once you send the legal notice, it's likely that the company will respond to your complaint. You might receive a just reward from some. The courts will not grant requests for extremely great damages. In the event that you do not hear back within the given time, which is normally 15 days, you have the option of contacting the consumer forum.


Select the Correct Forum

A suitable consumer forum should then be chosen. The district forum, state commission, or national commission should be chosen depending on the cost and the compensation. You or a representative you choose may approach the forum or commission with your grievance. The proceedings might take anything from six to eighteen months to complete.


Submit a written complaint

The format differs depending on the forum that is chosen. Make sure to put your grievance in writing. Our professionals will be able to help you. We will create the ideal complaint and include all the necessary details. It is essential to present the legal notice you made to the vendor or service provider to the court in order to demonstrate to the judge that you attempted to resolve this dispute without going to trial.


Pay the court fee

To file a consumer complaint, you must pay a court fee which was asked by the filing department of the consumer forum, depending upon your loss amount. If you prevail in your lawsuit, the court will compel the seller to compensate you for all of your expenditures, including attorney fees and the cost of your online consumer court complaint.

What are the eligibility Criteria in order to file a Consumer Complaint Online/ EDakhil?

The case needs to fall under the purview of the consumer protection act and not under any civil, criminal or labour laws.

The prayer portion of the complaint should consist of a refund and claim amount.

The cases where clients only claim compensation, possessions, return, or exchange of goods will not come under the purview of online consumer complaints/ Edakhil.

If the consideration, refund, or claim amount exceeds Rupees 50 lakhs, then it is not eligible for online filing in the district consumer forum.


Purchase/Loss Amount₹0 – ₹20,000

Legal Advice + Legal Notice1499 + 18% GST

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Purchase/Loss Amount₹20,001 – ₹1,00,000

Legal Advice + Legal Notice₹1999 + 18% GST

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Purchase/Loss Amount ₹1,00,001 – ₹25,00,000

Legal Advice + Legal Notice ₹2999 + 18% GST

Professional Fees

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Purchase/Loss Amount ₹25,00,001 – 1 Cr

Legal Advice + Legal Notice ₹4999 + 18% GST

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Purchase/Loss Amount ₹1 Cr – Above

Legal Advice + Legal Notice ₹9999 + 18% GST

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Our Advantages

Time saving

Time saving

Filing online consumer complaint will save your time

Any Device

Any Device

The complaint can be filed from mobile/computer

Complaint Anywhere

Complaint Anywhere

It can be done from any location i.e. home, office or vacation trip

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

You will receive assistance from Consumer Complaint experts of Online Legal India

Legal Notice

Legal Notice

You can send legal notice to the company

Claim for Compensation

Claim for Compensation

You can claim for compensation from consumer court

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Who can file a Consumer complaint?

  • Any consumer who has purchased products or availed services
  • A group of customers with mutual interest
  • Legal heirs of a dead consumer
  • Relatives of a consumer

When can a consumer file a complaint?

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