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Avail of Legal Compliance for Section 8 Companies and Other NGOs

Online Legal India has a team of experts to provide support to availing of legal compliances for all types of Section 8 Companies. If you have a Section 8 Company, you must meet some legal compliance. Don’t worry! You may have a lot of important work in hand or you may not be accustomed to performing all complicated online form filling out activities. We are your premium support to meet any compliance criteria of your company.

The following standards are to maintain to demonstrate their sincerity, and authenticity with some annual legal compliances. We can help you in all respective fields of services.

Section 12A Registration

According to the Income Tax Act, of 1961, you will get provision certificate of 12A registration on successful application. Then, you have to apply for permanent 12A certificate. Income Tax department grants 12A certification against any non-profit organization. The purpose of the registration is to exempt the payable tax if there is any. Usually, this registration is applied 3 months after the NGO registration. The NGOs registered under Trust, society, or Section 8 Company require Section 12A registration. All nonprofit organizations require it so that they can save the tax as they require more capital for serving the people.

If you require services related to section 12A registration, contact Online Legal India. We will do it for you at the minimum cost of Rs. 9000/-, excluding 18% GST.

Documents required for section 12A registration:

  • Aadhaar card and PAN card of all the directors of the company
  • The incorporation certificate of the company 
  • Business address proof of the company
  • Income details of the company 
  • Details of assets and liabilities of the Section 8 Company
  • Details of the income received by the company in the last three years
  • Business address proof of the company
  • MOA and AOA of the Section 8 Company
  • PAN Card of the company 
  • Copy of the Form 10A
  • List of the donors of the company 
  • Book of accounts of the company  

Benefits of 12A Registration:

You will get a lot of benefits after registering for section 12A. Here are some of them:

Tax Exemption

Any Section 8 company is required to generate funds for serving people. Holding a 12A certificate helps exempt them from paying income tax on their generated income. Hence, this substantial tax exemption enables companies or nonprofit organizations to allocate more funds to their charitable activities.

Access to Grants and Funds

12A registration increases the credibility of your Section 8 Company. Your company will be eligible for government grants. The local or international donors can also be inspired to donate funds for this credibility certificate.

Proof of Existence

The 12A certification is legitimate proof of your company’s existence on the government's list. Hence, this certification is crucial evidence in establishing the organization’s reliability and eligibility for avail of government schemes.

Section 80G Registration

Section 80G, registration of income tax, 1961, is a provision in which organizations or individuals can claim for non-deduction of tax on donations offered to any charitable organizations, Section 8 Companies, and NGOs. The donors (individuals or companies) who donate to the organization can also claim their taxable income for non-reduction under this act. So, the people or companies under taxable income will inspire donating to a nonprofit organization like section 8 company.

So, as a section 8 company authority, you must register it under section 80G to avail of the mentioned benefits.

If you want 80G registration from us, you will get the minimum cost across India. Our charges are Rs. 9000, excluding 18% GST.

80G Registration Documentation:

The documents required for 80G registration are mentioned below:

  • Copy of the organization’s incorporation certificate
  • Copy of the registration certificate issued by the authority
  • Copies of annual accounts for the last three years preceding
  • Contact Online Legal India to learn more

Benefits of 80G Registration:

80G Registration to NGOs and Section 8 Companies gives ample benefits. Here are some of them:

Credibility Enhancement

It is almost similar to 12A registration, with some differences. Obtaining an 80G certification enhances your nonprofit organizations or Section 8 Company’s reliability. Donors also find such organizations where they get tax benefits. 

Tax Benefits for Donors

The 80G Registration provides benefits not only to the companies but also to the donors. The people or companies under high taxation can easily donate to those who need it. Hence, the charitable organizations will get more funds collected from the donors. This facility attracts the attention of donors. 

Transparency and Accountability

Having the 80G registration certificate, a Section 8 company or any NGO remains transparent to the government about their transactions. They ensure a higher level of accountability towards donors and regulatory authorities.

Access to Government Funding

If there are any government grants to non-profit organizations, the Section 8 Company will have more opportunities to participate in charitable activities. 

CSR Registration

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is implemented by the Government of India intending to take the participation of private sectors in social purposes. Previously, it was not mandatory for any private companies. After the CSR Act, all private companies have to participate in charitable areas.

CSR is mandatory for companies fulfilling the below criteria:

  • 1. The worth of the company is Rs. 500 crore or more
  • 2. The turnover of the company is Rs1,000 crore or more
  • 3. Net profit of any company is Rs. 5 crore or more

If any NGO wants CSR registration, and to avoid the complications of filling out the form online, we can do it for them. So, contact us to register CSR from us.

Our charges are transparent and lower across India. Our charges for CSR is Rs. 10,000/- + 18% GST excluding DSC. You can also contact us for CSR Activity Report.

Documents required for CSR registration:

  • Details of members of the Organization
  • PAN card of the Section 8 Company 
  • 12AB & 80G Registration Order Copy
  • DIN/PAN of the Secretary, Trustee, or Director of the Company
  • Company Deed
  • DSC of the Entity Applying
  • Email ID and Mobile Number of the Applicant

Benefits of CSR Registration:

Extensive research proves that CSR registration has a strong impact on NGOs, including Section 8 companies. Learn some of its benefits.

Obtaining section 8 companies more CSR funds

When a nonprofit organization or Section 8 company registers under CSR, they have the chance to draw more attention to the corporations that are willing to donate in the funds of organizations serving the people, and performing social responsibilities. The corporate entities will get the benefits of complying with social responsibilities and the Section 8 companies will get more funds.

Builds Authenticity of the nonprofit organization

When a Section 8 company obtains CSR certificate, it becomes credible to the government, as well as to the donor companies. The section 8 company/NGO founders can run a campaign for the companies that need to comply with CSR. So, your company will be capable of getting more active in social wellbeing.

Enhances Reputation of the company

When your Section 8 Company is registered under CSR, the employees of the company will be confident that its funding will be smoothly increased by the company that wants to comply with its social responsibilities. Apart from the employees’ mental conformity, social people will also feel that the Section 8 Company is reliable and authentic. 

Creates positive environment and social transformations

CSR-certified section 8 companies promote a positive social environment and the flow of funds remains stable from the companies that require compliance with social responsibilities. The authorities can easily support people regarding health, education, water, and many other social and environmental issues. 

CSR Activity Report:

You know CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies with specific turnover need to be socially responsible for the people in the nation. They can also donate funds to NGOs for social service.

A corporate social responsibility report is an internal and external document that the registered companies or NGOs have to maintain. They have to show the proof of social service to the donor companies as well as to the government. So, a report generation is essential.

If you do not know how and when to do it, contact Online Legal India, the most trusted online platform to solve all your CSR-related issues, or create a CSR Activity Report for submission. Contact us for getting it at the lowest cost.