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GST Registration - Overview

Businesses must register as regular taxable persons under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) if their annual revenue exceeds the threshold limit of Rs. 40 lakhs (in case of goods), Rs. 20 lakhs (in case of services), or Rs. 10 lakhs, as applicable. GST registration is the term for it.

It is mandatory to generate the GSTIN if annual turnover exceeds the above prescribed limit. If the company conducts business without registering for GST, it is an offence and faces severe penalties.

It typically takes 4 to 6 working days to register for GST. In 3 simple steps, Team Online Legal India can assist you in obtaining GST registration more quickly.

Types of GST Registration

Regular, sporadic, non-resident and e-Commerce operators are some of the different GST registration categories. Casual taxpayers, non-resident taxpayers, and e-Commerce enterprises must register for GST regardless of the turnover criteria.


Casual Taxable Persons

According to the GST Act, a casual taxable person is a person who sporadically offers goods or services in a State or a Union territory where the firm doesn't have a fixed location. Individuals running roaming businesses at shows or seasonal operations would so be regarded as casual taxable people under the GST.


Non-resident Taxable Persons

A non-resident taxable person is any person, corporation, or organisation that offers goods or services subject to the GST but does not have a permanent place of business or habitation in India (NRI). Because of this, any foreign person, business, or organisation that provides goods or services to India would be regarded as a non-resident taxable person and would have to follow all applicable GST legislation in India.


E-Commerce Operators

An "electronic commerce operator" is somebody who owns, operates, or oversees a digital or electronic facility or platform for electronic commerce. Anyone who sells online can be categorised as an e-Commerce Operator and is consequently needed to register for GST, regardless of the amount of business earnings.

Required Documents for GST Registration

PAN of the Applicant(Proprietor)

Aadhaar card

Proof of business registration or Incorporation certificate

Identity and Address proof of Promoters/Director with Photographs

Address proof of the place of business

Bank Account statement/Cancelled cheque

Letter of Authorization/Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory

Rent Agreement in case the PPOB(Principal Place of Business) is rented

What is a GST Return?

A GST return is a record of income that must be submitted to the tax authorities in accordance with the legislation. A taxpayer is required by the GST law to submit two GST returns, either monthly/quarterly and one return each year (if applicable). All tax returns must be submitted electronically. Please be aware that there is no option to avoid return filing. All unreported invoices for the prior tax period must be included in the current month. A registered dealer is required under the GST to submit returns for purchases, sales, output, GST (On Sales), and input tax credit (GST paid on purchases).

What is GSTIN?

Each GST taxpayer receives a different identification number or GSTIN. Anyone with a GST number can access the GST portal to validate a GSTIN number.

What is the GSTN?

The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) is a section 8 (non-profit) private limited business that operates outside of government. GSTN serves as a one-stop shop for all of your indirect tax needs. To assist you in preparing, filing, amending returns and paying your indirect tax bills, GSTN is in charge of managing the Indirect Taxation platform for GST.

Benefits of GST Registration


Simplifies taxation services

The GST has integrated the Indian market by bringing together several indirect taxes under a single roof.


Reduction in costs of products & services

The cascading impact of numerous taxes and VATs was eliminated by implementing GST, which decreased the cost of goods and services.


Helps avoid lengthy taxation services

Small businesses benefit from GST registration since it lets them avoid time-consuming tax services. Since service providers and product suppliers with annual sales of under 20 lakh rupees and 40 lakh rupees, respectively, are exempt from paying the GST.


Aimed at reducing corruption and sales without receipts

The GST was implemented with the intention of eliminating fraud and un-receipted sales. Additionally, it assists in lowering the amount of indirect taxes that small businesses must pay.


Uniformity in the taxation process

GST registration provides for centralised registration and brings uniformity to the taxation process. This makes it easier for businesses to submit their quarterly tax returns online.


Composition scheme for small businesses

Small businesses with revenue between up to Rs. 1.5 crores can gain from the GST because it offers the possibility to reduce taxes by using the Composition scheme. The tax and compliance burden for many small firms has decreased as a result of this action.

GST Registration Fees

The lengthy 11-step procedure of registering for GST necessitates the submission of numerous business details and scanned documents. Although there are no fees specified by the GST law for self-register on the GST system, purchasing the GST registration plan with Online Legal India can save you a tonne of time and hassle. You can choose Online Legal India’s GST Registration services, where a GST Expert will help you with GST Registration from beginning to end.

Penalty for not obtaining GST registration

A penalty of 10% of the tax amount owed, subject to a minimum of Rs. 10,000, must be paid by the violator who fails to pay taxes or makes short payments (sincere errors).
When the offender has purposefully avoided paying taxes, the penalty is 100% of the amount owed.


Customers' Reviews

Who Should Register for GST?

Mandatory For Who Can Register Time
Turnover Criteria

Any businesses which have a turnover of above 40 lakhs (Rs 10 Lakhs for North-Eastern states, J & K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand), Rs 20 lakhs in case of services.

E-commerce operator

Person who connects through e-commerce business (such as Amazon or Flipkart), should register for GST from the beginning only.

Casual Taxpayer

If you supply goods or services in events/exhibition & you don’t have a permanent place of business, you need to get online GST Registration. The validity of causal GST Registration is 90 days

Sales/Service provide to other state (Inter State)

One should register under GST if any supplier of goods or service provider involved in any other state.

Involved In Online Information

Person supplying online information and database access other than a registered taxable person

NRI Exporters & Importers

Any NRI person or company supplying goods or services in India need to register GST regardless of turnover.

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GST Registration FAQs

What is GST?

GST or Goods and Service Tax is a kind of indirect tax for India and applicable on the supply of products and providing of services. It is a comprehensive and multi-staged assessing; comprehensive because it has subsumed all the indirect taxes except a few and multistage because it is implicated at every step within the generation prepare. It is supposed to be discounted to all the parties within various stages of generation except the ultimate consumer.

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Who is a Casual Taxable Person?

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When Digital Signature is required for the GST Registration?

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