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EPF and ESIC are the two mandatory requirements for corporate employees. EPF stands for Employees Provident Fund, and ESIC stands for Employees' State Insurance Corporation. Companies running with more than 20 employees must register with the Employees' Provident Fund Organization of India. However, companies having less than 20 employees can also register voluntary Employees’ Provident Fund.

On the other hand, according to the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948, employees earning Rs. 21,000/- per month or less must be included under ESIC. So, companies have to contribute towards the ESIC Scheme. Another term shows that if any company runs with at least 10 employees must register with ESIC (20 employees for some states in India).

Hence, your company has to register under EPF and ESIC to comply with the government norms. If you cannot solve ESIC and EPF registration complications, Online Legal India is with you.

With the help of professional CA/CS, we will register your EPF and ESIC details and open a company account to contribute to your employee's EPF and ESIC flawlessly. What are you waiting for?

Entities Covered Under ESIC

As per the government notification under section1/5 of the ESI Act 1948, the following entities must register under ESIC: 

  • Factory
  • Workshop
  • Any type of manufacturing unit
  • Security company
  • Hospital
  • Shops
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Cinema hall and preview theatre employees
  • Road Motor transport establishment
  • Newspaper and news-providing establishment (Covered under Factory Act)
  • Private educational and medical institutions
  • Casual employees of the Municipal Corporation
  • Any kind business entity

When all these establishments have 10 or more people at work, the employer of the establishment must register it with the Employers’ State Insurance Corporation.

The central government has extended the service to:

  • Port trust
  • Airport authorities
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance business
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)

The Establishments engaged in the above services must register ESIC if their employee count reaches 10 or more.

Filling of PF ESIC Registration

Logging in to the PF and ESIC portal and filling out the form by maintaining all formalities may be a bit critical. When you are with Online Legal India, the process will be simple and easy, you will also remain confident that your job is done perfectly.

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Benefits of Employee PF Registration

  • Higher interest facility. The Indian government has preselected a fixed interest rate on EPF in India.
  • It helps get a healthy retirement plan for employees with around 8.5% employee contribution, and a similar amount of company contrition 
  • The PF scheme provides a pre-fixed interest on the deposit secured within EPF India.
  • Employees can enjoy a healthy retirement period. Out of the employer’s share, 8.33% goes towards the Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS), and 3.67% is allocated to EPF every month.
  • Employees can get help from EPF during any emergency monetary requirement
  • EPF contribution helps provide privileges for tax exemption

Benefits of Employee ESIC Registration

The advantages of enrolling in this scheme are:

  • If the employee has been suffering from any certified disease for more than 91 days, they will receive a cash compensation of 70% of the wages.
  • Sickness benefit will extend if the employee suffers from 34 listed malignant diseases for more than 2 years. They will receive 80% of the wage they used to receive.
  • Benefits are extendable up to two years in the case of 34 malignant and long-term diseases at an enhanced rate of 80 percent of wages.
  • The employee and his family will receive a medical benefit through hospital services.
  • The employee will get paid leave during pregnancy.
  • For the death of an employee during work or work injury, the dependent will get 90% of the wage in the form of a monthly payment.
  • If any employee becomes disabled, the same will be provided to him or his family.
  • The family will get funeral expenses of Rs. 15,000/- (One time).

Documents Required For EPF Registration

The following documents are essential for registering of Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO): (Digital copy of the documents)

  • (1) PAN Card of the Proprietor/ Director /Partner
  • (2) Aadhaar card of Proprietor/ Director /Partner
  • (3) Proof of Address of the company (current utility bills are acceptable)
  • (4) Shop or company establishment certificate/ GST certificate/government license
  • (5) Digital Signature of the Director/ Proprietor/Partner
  • (6) Bank Statement or Cancelled Cheque of Entity
  • (7) Leased Agreement/ Hired/Rented (if applicable)

Documents Required For ESIC Registration

Following Digital copies of the documents are essential for ESIC registration:

  • (1) Certificate of incorporation of the establishment
  • (2) Company registration certificate
  • (3) Submit partnership deed for partnership firm
  • (4) GST registration certificate of the firm / establishment
  • (5) MoA, AoA of the company
  • (6) Proof of address of the company
  • (7) Rental agreement/ lease agreement if it is rented
  • (8) The list of employees working in the company/firm
  • (9) PAN copy of the business establishment
  • (10) Employee compensation details
  • (11) Cancelled cheque from the bank of the company
  • (12) List of the shareholders of the company
  • (13) The details of the register maintaining the attendance of the employee
  • (14) List of directors of the company

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What is PF or EPF?

The Employee Provident Fund, abbreviated as EPF or PF, is a right given to employees based on their basic salary. It helps them after their retirement, or during an emergency financial requirement.

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