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PF Return Filing

All employees with PF registration are responsible for PF returns at regular intervals. According to government regulations, the 25th of each month is the last due date for employers to contribute to PF for employees. Today, employers can easily file their monthly PF through a unified portal (EPFO). If you want to avoid complications and errors related to PF return filing, you can contact Online Legal India. A dedicated CA/CS will help you file the PF return on time flawlessly.

Employers are required to submit various data about the employers, employees, PF account number of the employees, amount contributed from both ends (employers and employees), details of employers covered under the EPF scheme, and other relevant information. Online Legal India will take on the entire burden related to EPF return filling. Contact us now.

Penalties if not filed in time

The employers will face a penalty for not filing PF on time.

The details are as follows

Delays Penalty
0-2 Months 5% per annum
2-4 Months 10% per annum
4-6 Months 15% per annum
6+ Months 25% per annum (subject to 100% maximum)

Benefits of PF Return Filing on Time

Filing PF returns regularly has a lot of benefits for both employers and employees. Some of them are:

Compliance with the law

PF return filing is mandatory for companies meeting the terms and conditions of The Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. All companies or entities should follow it to avoid penalties.

Employee Security

PF contribution by the employer helps employee social security. It helps them when they are in need or after retirement.

Tax Benefits

PF contributions help employers claim tax exemptions as the contributions are tax-deductible. Hence, it can help claim tax benefits.

Organized record maintenance

Regular PF contribution helps employers maintain the records of the regular contributions for the employees. Irregular and untimely payment of EPF for the employees will be hazardous for payroll management and clear data maintenance. Otherwise, a company will fall in a penalty.

ESI Return Filing

As ESI registration is mandatory for business entities or companies, ESI Return filling is mandatory for them. Employees’ State Insurance scheme helps employees with some social security as well as health benefits. To comply with the rule related to the ESI Act, ESI return filing is mandatory for all business entities or companies. ESI returns are the documentary contribution of the company towards their employees, which increases the workforce. The entire process might be complicated, time-consuming, and require expert assistance. Online Legal India has expert CA/CS to provide seamless services.

By making the process smooth and flawless, you can meet the ESI return compliance before the time that saves penalties. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

ESI Return Filing Deadlines

According to the ESI Act, employers must file ESI returns for six months or each month. The company must contribute it on or before the 15th of each month. If you want to pay half-yearly, the due date for the period of 1st April to 30th September is fixed for 12th November or before, and the period of 1st October to 31st March, the due date is 12th May every year. Don’t take a burden for it. Our professional CA/CS will file everything flawlessly before the time for your company or business entity.

Contact us now.

Penalties for late ESI filing

Duration Penalty
Less than 2 Months 5%
2-4 Months 10%
4-6 Months 15%
6 Months and above 25%

Essential Documents for Filing ESI Returns

To ensure a smooth and flawless process to file ESI returns, all business entities must submit the following documents:

  • (1) Attendance register
  • (2) Register of wages
  • (3) Accident Records
  • (4) Abstention verification Report
  • (5) Inspection book
  • (6) Cancelled cheque of the Company
  • (7) PAN Card of the organization
  • (8) Form 6 filling out and submission
  • (9) Monthly challans and returns for ESI

Benefits of ESI Return Filing

ESI return filing has a lot of benefits. Here are some of them.

Compliance with the law:

It complies with the ESI Act, and helps avoid fines or charges for not following the rules.

Employee Welfare:

It ensures financial help as well as medical support when they are sick, pregnant, or for similar other purposes. This contribution makes them feel secure.

Medical Support:

Employees get free medical treatment for their family members.

Clear data for the company:

Regular ESIC contribution helps maintain clear records of the company towards employee insurance. This helps companies when they are required to submit audit reports.

Monetary support when jobless:

If any employee becomes jobless, this contribution supports them. They can withdraw fully or partially from this account to get financial support.

Trust building towards the company:

Regular return filling builds confidence in the minds of employees that the company is great in providing ESI benefits. This makes them happier and more loyal to the company.

Good and clear business practice:

When you have to run a business for a longer period, clear data of ESI submission helps a lot. It is a great business practice.

Supports in tough situations:

If the employee cannot work because of injury during work, becomes disabled for any reason, or passes away, the employee or his family gets financial support.

Hence, ESI filing is a great business practice that helps employees a lot.

Would you like to get support for ESI return filling? The CA/CS of our company will do the needful flawlessly.

Package Details for PF & ESI Returns

Plan 1

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  • 10 Employees
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Plan 5

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Contact us for any number of employees, special charges are available!

Package Details
Plan 1
2,499 +18% GST
  • 10 Employees
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • No hidden charges
Plan 2
3,980 +18% GST
  • 20 Employees
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • No hidden charges
Plan 3
4,999 +18% GST
  • 30 Employees
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • No hidden charges
Plan 4
5,699 +18% GST
  • 40 Employees
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • No hidden charges
Plan 5
6,799 +18% GST
  • 50 Employees
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • No hidden charges

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PF or EPF?

All employers who have PF registration are required to file returns on a monthly basis. The filing of returns has to be done by the 15th of each month through a unified portal. During the working tenure, the employer and employer both contribute 12 % of the basic salary of employees into the EPF account.

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