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Difference between Rent/Lease vs Leave and license

  • Rent/Lease Agreement
  • Grants exclusive possession of immovable property to tenant
  • Eviction is not easily achieved
  • Governed by rent control act
  • Not revocable by the landlord
  • Stamp duty is higher
  • Creates heritable rights
  • Creates property rights for tenant
  • Is transferable and termination is not easy
  • Leave and license Agreement
  • Provides only a permission to occupy a certain property
  • Makes eviction easier
  • Governed by Indian Contract Act
  • Revocable by the landlord
  • Stamp duty is lower
  • Does not create heritable rights
  • No property rights are created
  • Is not transferable and termination is easy
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Can we do online rent agreement?

One can create rental agreement online. It is completely free of hassle and requires less time. Online rent agreement is created only by filling in the required information. Once the agreement is created it is mailed to both the parties that are the landlord and the tenant.

Is it necessary to register rent agreement?

What are the documents required for rental agreement?

How do I write a legal rental agreement?

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