Rajesh Kewat - Entrepreneur

The Inspiring Story of a Dynamic Leader

There’s no shortcut to success. It is achieved through hard work,
perseverance, and positive motivation.

- Rajesh Kewat

How It Began

Born at Dinhata, Cooch Behar on June 22, 1985, Mr. Rajesh Kewat is the CEO & Managing Director of “FastInfo Legal Services Pvt Ltd” one of India’s leading online legal entities. His father worked at a petrol pump as an Assistant Manager. Hailing from a poor family with meagre income, Mr. Kewat led a tough life. He completed his secondary and higher secondary education at Stationpara Saranarthi High School and Gopal Nagar Mahesh Saha Sharanarthi High School respectively.

The fact that entrepreneurial passion was ingrained in him became evident in 2008 when he started his first business venture, a computer training centre in Dinhata, Cooch Behar. However, it failed because digital literacy is something that was not taken seriously by most people at that time. In the same year, he started working as a Marketing Executive at Lalani Computer Academy at a monthly salary of Rs. 2000. While working there, Mr. Kewat found his true passion and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application.

He firmly believed that dreams can ultimately be achieved, if one has the courage to pursue them. He worked with several reputed MNCs like Pearson India Education Services Pvt Ltd, Educomp Solution Limited, and Oxford. His posting as a Smart Class Coordinator for Educomp at St. Mary's High School, a renowned school in New Cooch Behar, improved his financial situation. He now admits that he has changed a lot while working with Educomp at that time and his position at St. Mary’s High School shaped his future. While working at Educomp, he pursued his Masters in Computer Application from Punjab Technical University.

Rajesh Kewat Serial Entrepreneur

His fame among students also earned him good fortune, as the computer centre business in which he had initially failed in 2008 was now full of students. Such was his popularity, students travelled from various locations including Siliguri (approximately 200 km from Dinhata) to join his computer classes. The computer centre soon reached new heights and it branched out to the neighbouring areas and villages.

With all the traits of a visionary leader present, Mr. Kewat always wanted to push for more and small endeavours did not satisfy him. In line with his vision, in 2016, he took over a factory located at Dinhata, Cooch Behar (that was running on loss) on lease. He started a packaged drinking water plant there and soon converted it into a profitable business.

Overcoming the Difficult Phase of Life

In 2017, however, life took a hard turn when Mr. Rajesh Kewat lost everything for loving the woman of his life, the daughter of a powerful and influential business person. For his love, he fought the world. He had to give up his career, while all of his assets, and money were seized. He had lost everything in this hour of crisis, but his spirit was unputdownable. He had an incredible desire to fight back, rise up, and build a bright future for himself and his family. He worked tirelessly in Oxford and earned his living during the tough times.

From there, he started building his own ladder to success without any financial assistance, relying solely on the blessings of those exceptional people who had been there for him during that difficult period. In his college days, with the flame of serving the society burning deep inside, Mr. Kewat started working as an RTI Activist as he found there were many incidents occurring, where he found the mass needed to be educated on exercising their rights.

He took a stance to come up as a face to deal with such scenarios. Being a student of computer application and having 10 years of experience as an RTI activist, he helped many people in drafting RTI applications followed by clearing up all the formalities till getting the resolution, all this as a part of social service without taking any charges.

He felt RTI to be the best weapon to fight against corruption and thereby entitled each and every citizen to exercise their rights and privileges. During this time he was serving the society locally, but later came up with an idea of expanding the activity throughout the country. He came up with an online platform with the name Online RTI Application through which the common people could get justice.

Mr. Kewat believed each and every problem has a smart solution. It’s us who need to change the perception of looking at a particular problem. The success in serving justice to the masses at a national level, gave him a confidence boost in expanding his reach into the legal field. With firm determination, he took the first step to the ladder of success.

How He made a Comeback

He established a private limited company, FastInfo Legal Services Pvt. Ltd., with Online Legal India (an online legal platform) being the subsidiary focused on fighting against online fraud and consumer complaints, GST Filing & Registration, Company Registration, Trade Mark Registration and many more. He quickly turned his business, FastInfo Legal Services Pvt Ltd, into a profitable endeavour, with a large clientele and hundreds of good testimonials. All his efforts got rewarded when the company got recognised as a Startup Company under the Government’s Startup India initiative, in 2021.

The education sector was always close to Rajesh Kewat as he had professional association with leading education companies like Educomp Solution Limited, Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd and Oxford. The expertise gained helped him immensely in venturing into the domain of education with ease. While implementing these businesses he came up with a new online platform for the education sector and founded FastInfo Class.

This educational platform focused on online tutorial for Spoken English and many other courses as the students were lagging systematic tutorial classes and study centres. This brought forth a huge learning opportunity for the rural as well as urban students, especially rural students as they lacked proper learning infrastructure. The online learning platform also helped youths to develop their command over English and build their personality, assisting them in facing job interviews.

From a one-man operation to a group of companies with more than 500 employees in India, he has come a long way. Mr. Rajesh Kewat has truly been an inspirational leader and has rightly justified the saying - “You don’t need money to build a business empire, what you need is big Dreams and a Sharp Mind! If you got it, try it!” Today, with five subsidiaries under the FastInfo group: OnlinelegalIndia, FastInfo Class, OnlyDesi, Innovative Bharat, and Online Class India, the journey of Mr. Rajesh Kewat has just begun.

If you want to know more about how Mr. Rajesh Kewat started his business with a meagre initial investment, go through the website www.rajeshkewat.com