Is Online Legal India Fake

Is Online Legal India Fake?

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 10 May 2024 Category Legal

Introduction: Hi, all of my viewers and readers, today I am going to present a very realistic scenario before you and I will ask you to decide whether I am right or wrong

Suppose you are going through some legal hurdles, and you don’t know how to handle the situation. What will you do? Today I am going to share a very personal story of mine in the same situation and how I overcame the issue. So, without wasting any further time let’s dive into the main story.

The incident occurred in the year 26th April 2020, April. I still remember the exact date. Hahaha! Okay first let me introduce myself, I am Avishek, live alone in Kolkata and work in a small startup in 2020 also I used to work in that startup only, back then I used to live here with my wife (let's not disclose her name) and everything is alright between us. One fine morning there was a misunderstanding between us and she left me and went to her maternal house. It is pertinent to mention here that then, Covid-19 was at its peak, and she left me in that pandemic. 

Till now it is a trailer, the real story begins now…!

On 28th April 2020, I received a letter from an advocate stating that my wife had contacted him regarding the divorce, she wanted a divorce! After receiving that my heart broke and at the same point of time I was so tense, I didn't know where to go, or whom to approach and that too a total lockdown was going on. There was no option left for me to contact a lawyer physically, I was broken down.  

I googled about some online legal services, but I didn't even know whether there was any kind of online legal service provider available or not. I searched and I saw that there are ample online legal service providers available, (I will not take their names), I contacted almost all of them and even I contacted Online Legal India. After all the research and talking with them, I was convinced to take services from Online Legal India. But to be very honest, there were a lot of questions running across my mind at that point in time- 

  • Is Online Legal India fake
  • Whether they will dupe my hard-earned money and fly away?

All these things were running through my mind as I was going through the worst time of my life. I did complete research about Online Legal India even I went through all of the Online Legal India reviews across every platform even Trust Pilot. 

Here I want to tell you something about Online Legal India which is true, as I experienced that:

Online Legal India is a leading brand in providing top-notch legal services nationwide. In today's digital world, everyone seeks online legal services just like me or the people who don’t have easy access to lawyers.

No, doubt that there are a lot of questions across the web that state whether Online Legal India is real or fake.

There are also many negative reviews regarding Online Legal India, I was also about to fall into that trap- but believe me, when I had a conversation with them and how I got my services it was really surprising and I was more than satisfied. Online Legal India, undoubtedly, is one of the best online platforms for the same. But with the convenience of online assistance comes the terms of legitimacy. 'Is Online Legal India fake or real?’ or ‘Is the Online Legal India website genuine?’ – These are the common questions asked by many. Here you will know more about whether you will proceed with Online Legal India for future assistance.

Signs that show the authenticity of Online Legal India:

  • Registration: Online Legal India is an initiative of FastInfo Legal Services Pvt. Ltd., a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013. This indicates a legitimate business entity and also proves that the Online Legal India website is genuine. Online Legal is also ISO-certified and recognized by the Govt. of India. This indicates that the website Online Legal India is genuine.
  • Positive Reviews: Online Legal India reviews include all the clients’ positive thoughts towards the brand. You can easily find all the positive testimonials of the customers on the website and also on other renowned platforms. Satisfied clients laud the prompt service and affordability.
  • Easily accessible for all: Online Legal India emphasises cost-effective legal solutions to all its customers. It caters to a segment often neglected by traditional legal services. For this, individuals who might struggle to afford a lawyer can get a plethora of options on one platform.
  • Secured Website: If you follow the website attentively then you will notice something that the website contains https:// before the link, for your better understanding I am adding the website link here: This https:// means that the data you are entering on the website is completely secured. No one can steal your data, on this kind of website. This also indicates that the Online Legal India website is completely genuine.
  • Online Legal India ratings: I researched that, and all the ratings Online Legal India has are really eye-catching. They almost have 30,000+ reviews and a 4.6-star rating at Trust Pilot.  Online Legal India was incorporated in the year 2019 and they have been running their businesses strongly for the last 5 years without any legal obligations. This also signifies the genuineness of the company.

I was so satisfied that I availed their services twice till now, and both times I was satisfied with their service seriously, they have immensely experienced experts and advocates. Let me tell you the second story also;

I went to a renowned restaurant in Kolkata (will not mention their name) to have dinner with my family a few months back. Everything was going fine that evening. We ordered our food and they served us, but at the end when the bill came up it had climbed to around 5k. I was quite happy with their services till that point. However, when I went through the bill I noticed that they charged us with 10% service tax excluding GST. I told them to remove the amount (service tax) but they didn't, they told me that this is their policy and I have to pay it. This was completely unlawful as any restaurant cannot charge you with any type of tax excluding GST. So, I paid the full amount (including service tax) and left the restaurant and after that I was searching for legal assistance to send them a legal notice, mentioning the above fact. I came across this company named Online Legal India and briefed them on the full incident and after that, they sent a legal notice to the restaurant I got my money back within a week and I am very happy to avail of their service. I would love to suggest Online Legal India to my close ones who have gone through some legal issues.


Online Legal India plays the role of an intermediary that connects and gives access to customers to legal help at an affordable price. Online Legal India caters to a wide range of legal solutions and has vastly experienced experts and has catered to a lot of clients till now, but if you believe me I have experienced their services on my own. Whatever the negative reviews they have across the web like “Is the Online Legal India website genuine” or "Is Online Legal India fake or real", I think all those are just the play of the competitors as Online Legal India is growing vastly day by day and one of the strong points they have is they give their service at top-notch quality and the dedicated deadline.

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