Top 5 Legal Companies In Kolkata

Top 5 Legal Companies In Kolkata

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A law firm advises organisations and enterprises on their legal rights and obligations, ensuring that commercial activities are in line with the law. Here we have listed a few of the top legal companies in Kolkata that can be used for drafting the contracts, agreements, startup guidance, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), shareholder agreements, and any other legal requirements for your business. 

1. Online Legal India

Online Legal India, which is licensed by the Government of India and registered under the Companies Act, 2013, specialises in offering legal assistance and putting legal information in people's hands so they may use it with ease.

Online Legal India’s core staff is made up of trained and talented Advocates, as well as a hardworking group of additional professionals, all working together under one roof. They offer assistance to every person, company, and other group so that they can get better aid for the problems they encounter on a daily basis.

The remarkable journey of Online Legal India and its founder, Mr. Rajesh Kewat, has been reported by numerous mainstream media outlets, including Republic TV, Zee News, Asia One, Business Standard, and many others.

Company profile:

  • Started in: 2019
  • Industry: Legal Advice, Compliance, Legal Support
  • Founders: Rajesh Kewat
  • Number of Employees: 500+

2. Khaitan & Co.

The top full-service law practice in India, with more than 850+ experts and a wide range of talents and experience in challenging projects. Exceptional customer service and knowledgeable legal counsel are provided by a team of highly driven partners, attorneys, and experts in a variety of fields and businesses. The Firm has made an effort to go above and beyond for clients. We take pleasure in our methodical approach to work, which centres on comprehending customers' businesses, foreseeing their future legal needs, and offering practical and profitable solutions.

With more than a century of experience, we offer cutting-edge advice services in many fields, delivering prompt and profitably viable answers to challenging legal and business problems. For every transaction and piece of advice asked for, we offer an integrated and solution-focused approach. Partner-led deals provide clients with the comfort and assurance they're looking for.

Company Profile:

  • Started In: 1911
  • Industry: Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate and Commercial, Direct Tax
  • Founders: Late Debi Prasad Khaitan

3.Kshetry and Associates:

Rajesh Kshetry and Sima Kshetry laid the cornerstone for "Kshetry and Associates" on January 5, 2009. A law firm with offices in Kolkata that offers full services. Teams at Kshetry & Associates are highly competent and personable. We endeavour to offer the best possible solution of the highest calibre while keeping in mind the customers' businesses and commercial interests. We have extensive experience in a wide range of practice areas.

Based on the years of experience of the partners and associates, they are well equipped to provide a diverse range of legal solutions which, among others, involve assisting and servicing national and international companies, enterprises, financial institutions and government bodies and institutions in a wide range of practice areas including, corporate and commercial law, civil and criminal law, real estate, infrastructure, public international law and public policies.

Company Profile:

  • Started in: 2009
  • Industry: All Legal Advice and services.
  • Founders: Rajesh Kshetry and Sima Kshetry

4. Singhania & Co. LLP

Singhania & Co. Solicitors & Advocates is a full service law firm having state-of-the-art communication facilities, with more than 200 lawyers and Consultants well versed in diverse specialties on its roll. Currently operating from 10 locations India and 2 overseas offices in London and New York. The firm was established in 1969 by Mr. D.C. Singhania. Ours is the first Indian law firm to go beyond national boundaries to set up offices in the UK and USA.

Company profile

  • Started In: 1969
  • Industry: Legal Matter expert, Legal Advice
  • Founders: Mr. D.C. Singhania.

5.Auromaa Associates:

Auromaa Associates – Offers a complete range of services to cater to the needs of those who indulge in innovation and creativity. Auromaa Associates is committed to provide strategic advice and services on every aspect of protecting and defending IP rights of an Individual and firm alike. Auromaa Associates is constituted by highly skilled people whose aim is to lend a cervical support and assistance in securing the rights concerning Intellectual Property (IP).

In India, Auromaa Associates is a full-service law practice that specialises in intellectual property rights and serves both domestic and foreign clients.

Company Profile:

  • Started In: 2008
  • Industry: Litigation, Patents, Trademark
  • Founders: Siddhartha Das (Co-founder)

A legal company is termed as "a group of lawyers who work together as a business." Lawyers are qualified to bring legal actions on their clients' behalf and to provide guidance regarding other people's legal rights and obligations. In addition to defending civil rights and drafting business contracts, law firms also help with a variety of daily activities and decision-making, including facilitating real estate transactions, advocating for environmental protection, and pursuing compensation for accident victims and ensuring fair trials for defendants.

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