FSSAI license number on Bills

Extension of dates for quoting FSSAI License number on Bills

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Food Licence Registration is the basic need for all food-related businesses to function properly under the law. All Food businesses need the FSSAI License before they start their business. After it meets the compliance criteria of the FoSCoS, it gets a certificate that provides it a legal standing ground.

What Is a Food License Number?

Food License Number or FSSAI license number is a fourteen-digit code a food seller gets that is displayed at all times. It is legal proof for operating in the market. This number is divided into five different sections each dealing with a specific aspect of the trade. The first digit of the license indicates whether the business is registered. The second and third digits indicate the state code where the business is registered. The next two numbers indicate the year in which the business was registered. The next three numbers indicate the quantity of the enrolling master and lastly, the last six is the license number of the business. For example LIC No: 122XXXXXXXX287.

Based on the turnover of the business one needs to fill in for the right kind of license.

Annual Turnover 

Registration/ License

Upto 12 lakhs

Registration FORM A

12 lakhs to 20 Crores

State License FORM B

Above 20 Crores

Central License FORM B


Importance of FSSAI License Number?

FSSAI License Number is an integral part of the food business. FSSAI Registered Number helps promote business growth. No matter which state a person is registering their business in, having an FSSAI number gives them PAN India recognition. Proper registration of the business helps people know the quality of the product. It allows the business to take advantage of the government police made for them which they can't without the registration.


Billing is one of the most important aspects of the business as it helps the government keep track of the business and revenue. With the rise in the Food business, the FSSAI is recommending quoting the license number on the bill so that the customer knows the details of the business they engage with. The customer can know the status of the business by looking at the bill. This helps the customers have safe and healthy food habits and prevent the rise of unregistered food businesses.

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