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Homemade Food Business Can Now Be Fined Rs. 5 Lakh & 6 Months Jail for Not Having Food License

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 20 Jan 2021 Updated On 11 Sep 2021 Category FSSAI

With the invasion of Corona and hitting the Indian shores in March 2020, we see how the nation was pushed extremely to go for lockdown. In such unsettled times to earn a living many people started selling Home-Made food items. Having said that, selling a Home-Made food license without registration or license can suffer a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh and jail of 6 months.

If You Have A Home-Based Business With Sales Less Than Rs 12 Lakh Then You Will Need A Registration!

The law dated August 5, 2011, by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the State Food Safety Department issues the license and registration for such businesses.

Registration which states that with sales below Rs 12 lakh FSSAI registration is required and a license is compulsory for businesses with sales above Rs 12 lakh.

More awareness is being spread among people post its violation and penalty is levied by the government. Although many people are still ignorant and continue to operate without a license or registration.

Based on Annual Turnover one has to either apply for simple FSSAI Online Registration in FORM A with FSSAI or apply for Licensing in FORM B.

Documents for FSSAI License Registration

Essentially the FSSAI Registration/ License require a few documents to verify the ownership as well as the validity of the food business operators (FBOs). For registering an FBO, FSSAI requires Personal Details of the Applicant as well as other details of the Food Business Operators.

The Personal details of the applicant required are as follows:

  • PAN Card
  • Copy of Aadhar Card / Voter Identity Card/ Driving License /Passport [Any 1]
  • Passport Size Photo

Documents for the registered office/Premises

  • Latest Utilities Bill (Electricity/ Water/ Gas Connection Bill)
  • Copy of Rent Agreement (if Rented Property)
  • Copy of Properties Papers (If premises are self-owned)

Note: Property can be either residential/commercial

Procedure for FSSAI License Registration

  • Complete a Form: Fill your FSSAI application form and provide details about your food business.
  • Send your Documents: Email us the required documents and we will create your FSSAI Form A and Form B.
  • Documents Submission: FSSAI License application along with other declarations is filed to the local FBO by our experienced CS/ CA.
  • FSSAI license Issued: We will mail you the license which will act as a food license online after regular follows ups with the food safety department.

How can we help you?

Online Legal India™ expert team of highly qualified CA/CS will guide you throughout the rest of the process for FSSAI License. To know more about FLRS contact our in house experts. We have budgeted services for ones who are willing to start up a company/business or any other kind of organization.

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Anjali Malhotra


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