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What Is The Latest Update on ITR Filing Deadline for FY 21?

By Ankar Kapuria Published On 13 Sep 2021 Updated On 16 Sep 2021 Category Income Tax Return Filling

The Government of India and CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxation) have extended the date for the  ITR return file online thrice in the year 2021.  The first and actual date of ITR filing was 31st July, 2021. The date extended again to 30th September, 2021. With the modified date for the third time, the date was again extended to 31st December, 2021. So, the current and final date for ITR return has been now fixed at 31st December, 2021.

What’s The New Statement On This Topic By The Finance Ministry?

As per the report from the Finance Ministry, in September 2021, the ITR filing has been increased to 3.2 lakh per day. For FY 2020-21, the entire ITR filing data says, 1.19 crores of ITRs have been filed. Among the 1.19 crores of filed ITRs, 76.2 lakh ITRs have been filed online.

What’s The New Date For Filing The ITR?

As per the income tax due date extension latest News, you can have a look at the table that is associated with ITR (Income Tax Return) filing.

Taxpayers’ Category

New Tax Filing Due Date

Individual & HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

31st December 2021

Businesses (Audit Necessary)

15th February 2022 

Businesses (Transfering Price Report)

28th February 2022

These are the new dates that are stipulated for ITR filing as per the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) announcement. After pvt ltd company registration, a Private Limited company can go with the audit as per the necessary rule.

Is The Date Extension Due To Technical Glitches in IT Portal?

The tax filing deadline 2021 India is extended may be due to the technical glitches that have appeared in the new IT (Income Tax) Portal. You may be aware that Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman has already informed Infosys CEO about the technical snags that are appearing again and again in the new IT portal.

The previous date extension 30th September 2021 was due to the technical problems that are appearing again and again in the IT (Income Tax) portal.

The Finance Minister called the Infosys CEO for a meeting in her office that is associated with the technical snag. Everyone is hoping that the date extension of 31st December 2021 may be a result of the meeting.

How Can Online Legal India™ Help in ITR Filing Online?

Every taxpayer remains always concerned at the time of how to file ITR online. With the due date changing again and again, the Income Tax Return Filers may have fallen in tension and stress regarding what will happen with the ITR filing for FY 20-21?

You can get help and appropriate support for ITR filing from Online Legal India™ ITR filing experts. The experts can help you with ITR filing online and make you stress-free for FY 20-21 or AY 21-22.


Whether the ITR filing date extension is beneficial for the common taxpayers or it has any negative effect, only time can answer it. 

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