Logo Trademark Registration

Logo Trademark Registration in India

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The logo is the exclusive identity of your company. So, you can trademark your logo for your business identity. It helps in two ways. Your logo will be protected from infringement, and the brand as well. As trademarking secures your exclusive rights, the logo trademark registration will surely secure your unique identity and safeguard it legally. Simply file an application to the IP India online portal and get it registered easily. On registration, the logo will be assigned for an infinite period of time. This article explores the step-by-step procedure of trademarking a logo and required documents.

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What is a logo trademark registration?

A trademark is a unique symbol, word, design, phrase, or some design-based visual presentation that symbolizes the brand. Through the registration of a trademark, every company gains the supreme right to the logo as it has been trademarked. A brand trademark is a way to establish your business identity in the market and compete with reputed brands.

A logo represents the face of a company, and the registration of it as a trademark will give you premium legal protection. Unauthorized use of a trademark or your registered logo is strictly prohibited by law. Thus, the brand and product infringement gets protected.

  1. Importance of trademarking a logo

The logo is a visual identity of your brand. Hence, a well-designed logo will dictate your company and will offer recognizable trust to the customers. A unique logo can enhance the business growth a lot. Here are the reasons why you should trademark a logo. 

  1. Creates a strong shield for brand protection 

A Logo is the premium identity of a brand. Consumers identify a brand by noticing the logo on the package or anywhere it is printed. When the logo is registered under the trademark act, the businessperson will get both brand and logo protection through its registration. Nobody can use a similar logo without your permission. So, it prevents brand dilution and increases sales. 

  1. Building Consumer Credibility

A logo is the significant identity of a brand, developing legitimacy and a sense of trust with consumers. When the logo is trademarked, it creates a stronger bondage with the brand that encourages repeat sales and strong word-of-mouth promotion.

  1. Competitive advantage 

If the logo trademark is registered from the IP India trademark registration portal, you will get competitive advantages. How will logo trademark registration provide a competitive advantage? Nobody can copy your product or brand trademark to down-tread your business. The consumers will trust the brand as the company is trademark registered which symbolizes the mark of ® with the brand logo.

  1. Helps Global Expansion

Through the IP India portal, you can register your logo to get international trademark registration. You can enter the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) through the IP India portal. If your logo meets international uniqueness compatibility, it will get an international trademark.  Just like Amazon and many other international brands, your logo might be protected from copying and infringement. You will be eligible for trading internationally across India and abroad.  

  1. Exclusive legal enforcement

Empowering legal protection from the government of India, a logo trademark helps build a sense of complete security. If any violation of the trademark act happens to any entrepreneur, they can get legal protection in all respects. It is intellectual property, and the violation of the barrier leads to infringement, and the owner of the property can demand compensation as per law. 

Is a good logo important for your business?

The one-word answer to this question is “YES”. As previously mentioned, a logo carries the brand identity and attracts repeat customers based on brand trust. So, designing a logo must be attentive to that it must be eye-catching, business-oriented, and symbolic of your trade. When all these combinations go together, your logo will perform excellently. For trademarking, it must be unique and must be a no-visual match to any other logos.

Let’s observe how logo trademark registration is done and how the process works.

Document required for Logo trademarking and registration:

  • Application form for trademark registering (TM-A)
  • For online application, you have to fill out the form online
  • Soft copy of your brand logo (must be clear)
  • Address and ID proof of the applicant
  • Proof of business registration
  • Form-48 signing (if applicable)

Steps to trademarking a logo in India

The following steps are essential to follow for filing a logo trademark registration in India.

  1. Design a premium logo 

You have to hire a logo designer to design a logo for your business that will lead your business for life. Keep time, think much, employ your concept, and design a great logo that represents your brand and product or services. Contact a great logo design company to prepare a superior logo that works. Give the responsibility to professionals. They will design it for you.

  1. Conduct a Trademark Search

Trademark Public Search is the service that is open for all on the IP India portal. This search aims to identify whether there is any similarity with the logo you are going to register as a trademark. This search will confirm that your logo is unique and there is no visual similarity to any other logo in India. Otherwise, the similarity of your logo with any others’ may lead to rejection of trademark or conditional trademarking. You also have the option to make it unique if there is any similarity.

  1. Application Filing for Logo Trademarking

After completion of the trademark search, your unique logo requires registration from IP India's official site. Visit the page and fill out the TM-A form with due charges recommended for the specific application. 

However, you can submit it to the trademark registry office in your state or nearby location. In the meantime, you must learn that offline submission costs more than online logo trademark registration. Charges will be mentioned later.

While submitting the application, you must keep the following information handy:

  • Name and address details of the applicant
  • Accurate description of the logo you have selected 
  • Clear digital logo as per IP India instruction
  • In case, you have an offline submission of the logo, you need a clear visual print on A4 paper. 
  • Learn the class of the business on which it falls mentioned in the IP India portal
  • Keep the specific amount in your account for online application to pay online.
  1. Trademark office examination phase

After the successful submission of the application, the trademark office will examine it for duplication or another complicated benchmark. They also judge whether the logo contains any offensive or prohibited marks. If the trademark examiner notices that the mark may deceive or create confusion in the minds of consumers, it can be rejected. You will get the details of rejection in section 9 of the Trademark Act of 1999. Follow the guided strategy. 

Once you submit the trademark online, you will get an instant trademark application reference number or ARN. By using the ARN, you can check the status of your application. 

  1. Approval of Logo Trademarking

After submitting the logo for trademarking, you have to wait to get registration approval. Once the Trademark Register approves, you will get a trademark registration certificate. The update will be available on the IP India portal. Enter the portal and check the status by submitting ARN. You will notice various types of status according to the present condition of the application. 

Be careful of the status of the application if it is objected to, rejected, opposed, etc. If rejected, you will not get your logo trademark registration certificate anymore. If opposed or objected, you have to be present at a hearing in front of the trademark register. However, opposition or objection arises after Trademark Journal Publication. 

  1. Trademark Journal Publication

When the trademark register considers that your logo should get approval, they publish it in the trademark journal. Within 3 months of journal publication, anybody can oppose or object to your logo trademark. Then, the previously mentioned trademark register arranges a hearing in the presence of the two parties. Then, the register decides whether your logo will get final certification.

  1. Show cause hearing

You have to prepare legal papers showing cause for your trademark similar or nearly similar to others. You have to provide legal papers through the advocates to fight against the opposition party. If the register considers that your logic is valid and the person who objected is not right, your trademark registry for the logo will get approval.

  1. Logo Trademark Registration certification

If you do not get any objection notice from any party within 3 months of trademark journal publication, the register will notify you and your portal will show your logo trademark is registered.

Click on the ARN number once again and reach the detailed page where you will get the entire information that you have given to the portal. Then, at the right corner of the page, you will get the download pdf format of your certificate. Your logo trademark registration is done.

  1. Maintaining the logo trademark registration

Trademark is an intellectual property that need not much maintenance. The validity of it is 10 years, once registered. Before the expiry of the validity of trademark registration, you must apply for renewal.

  1. Logo trademarking renewal 

You have to apply for renewal of your trademark registration before 6 months of its expiry so that the trademark you use can get smooth operation. The application after the expiry of validity, you have to pay extra as per the norms of the Trademark Act 1999. After successful renewal, the validity of it will increase for another 10 years. 

  1. Maintain Accurate Records of registration 

Keep a copy of the details of the logo trademark registration, namely the date of application, registration date, registered mobile number, validity, and more. This will help you enforce trademark rights whenever essential. Keep an eye on the trademark journal now and then to observe if any duplication is happening to your logo trademark. 


Logo Trademarking is a great way to stand out your business in the world of competition. It safeguards your brand, credibility, and product infringement. Thus, your business will build a strong reliance in the minds of the consumers and strengthen the business bondage between them. Logo trademark registration paves the way to successful entrepreneurship. If you want a business logo and its trademark registration, contact Online Legal India today.  


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