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Prevention of Adulteration in Black Pepper through the lens of FSSAI

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 20 Oct 2021 Updated On 23 Oct 2021 Category FSSAI

With the ever-increasing population, there is also a need for food that is emerging. Without a proper control measure, it is impossible for the needs of everyone to be met. As a result of the formation of the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) which looks after the FSSAI registration of sellers in the market. It is done so to prevent the rise of adulterated products. They have set a compliance list on which are the criteria that need to be met for acquiring a food license.

What Is Food Adulteration?

Food adulteration is a method where the quality of food products is reduced through a mixture of other products or by substituting it with inferior ones. Food adulteration is a growing concern in society today as there is a huge demand for food but the supply is limited. It is because of this that certain people take advantage of the situation and earn through food adulteration. To prevent such practices the FoSCoS (Food Safety Compliance System) regulates the food license registration based on certain rules and regulations that needs to be met. This aims to control the supply in the market of adulterated products.

How does Black Pepper Adulteration occur?

Black Pepper is a common spice in kitchens all around the world. It has its own set of health benefits. It is used in medicinal works also, therefore, having significant importance in day-to-day lives. As it looks like small blackberries it is often adulterated with a mixture of blackberries and black pepper. This adulteration is not easy to detect as they have the same size and shape.

How to detect Black Pepper Adulteration?

The FSSAI has strict policies regarding the adulteration of food products. With the rise in food adulteration, the agency has brought out manuals that help people detect it. According to the FSSAI manual, you can take the black pepper and press it hard with your fingers. If the Black Pepper is unadulterated it does not break easily. If it does break easily then it is the blackberries, thus showing signs of adulteration.


The competition in the market and the demand for products without proper supply have led to the emergence of adulteration in the market. It is thus upon the people themselves to make sure that they consume and use the right product. The food sector happens to be the largest sector to be impacted by this.

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