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Problems faced By Taxpayers With The Renovated Tax-Filing Portal

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As a taxpayer, you may be aware that the Ministry of Finance has launched a new income tax portal. Unfortunately, after launching the IT portal, taxpayers have started facing problems with the reconstructed website while making IT return filing

So, have a look at the issues from the taxpayers’ point of view, the problem being faced by the taxpayers with the new IT portal. But first of all, know about what income tax is? The term income tax is a kind of tax that the Government of India charges on both individual and business groups.

  1. Profile-related Problems of the Taxpayers 

In the old website, taxpayers usually won’t face any technical problems while making the income tax return filing online. The new ITR filing website is going through technical glitches and that is not positive news for taxpayers bound to file IT returns.

  1. Filing-related Problems

You know that there are seven different ITR forms from ITR 1 to ITR 7. But through the new portal, only ITR 1 and ITR 4 can be filed. This is another crisis that taxpayers are facing with the new IT filing website. Even after doing proper company registration, a company is also facing problems with it.

  1. Submitting Again DSC

Individuals who have already registered their name in the old IT portal with Digital Signature have to register their name again with the new portal. So, for individual taxpayers, and companies after one person company registration in india, all work has to be set up again.  

  1. Problem With TDS Return

The TDS (Tax Deducted At Source) is a mandatory filing for the taxpayers. With the old system, the TDS filing process was okay but with the new portal, taxpayers are not able to file the TDS. This is the problem taxpayers are facing with the new IT-filing website. 

  1. Acknowledgement-related Issues

Taxpayers are complaining that the acknowledgement receipt is showing a future date instead of the present date. Even the acknowledgement date is not properly matching with PAN cards either. In the acknowledgement receipt, no PAN (Permanent Account Number) is showing. So, individuals who have filed the ITR are having problems with the acknowledgement receipt.

  1. Login Related Problems

On the old website, taxpayers have no complaints about the Login-related issue but with the new website, this is a major problem. Taxpayers while going to file ITR are facing problems with Login-related issues.

  1. Login Related Problem With Other Authorised Persons

The new IT portal has given Login facilities only to the Chartered Accountants. Other persons like Income Tax Practitioners, Cost Accountants, Advocates, Company Secretaries have been debarred from taking the advantage of separate login facilities.

  1. Information-related Problem 

In the tax portal, accurate information of the taxpayers is mandatory. This is the problem taxpayers are facing with the new website. The PAN card and the Aadhaar card of an individual taxpayer is not showcasing the proper information.

  1. Problem With Trust Registration 

For the old and new trusts, the trust authorities are facing problems with registration-related issues while ITR filing online. It is mandatory for the old trusts to fill up the 80-G form. The u/s 12-AB is also required to be filled up for both the old and the new trusts. Overall, the old and new trusts are facing problems with registration issues.

  1.  Malfunctioning Grievance Cell

Taxpayers who have grievances and want proper answers to their queries are not getting any reply to their grievance queries from the new tax portal.  

These are the basic problems that taxpayers are facing while operating the new IT portal.

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The news of taxpayers facing problems with the new IT portal has already reached the Government of India. They are trying to modify the mistakes that have taken place in the IT portal. We can hope within a few days we can get a glitch-free IT portal.

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