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A Guide to Starting Digital Marketing Business in India?

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Do you have any knowledge of “How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in India?” If the answer is no, let's discover how to launch a full-service digital marketing agency or company in India. Since one of India's fastest-growing industries is digital marketing, there is a lot of room to establish an Indian digital marketing firm that supports startups and small businesses. It's a perfect time to establish a digital marketing business in India because so many startups are now being created daily on the internet, and India is currently the third-largest startup ecosystem globally, according to NASSCOM.

What is Digital Marketing Company?

Digital marketing, commonly known as online marketing or internet marketing, has been around since the early 1990s, although it has only recently gained significant notoriety as a result of the web's rapid development.

Despite this, a number of users who use it or at least are aware of it do not fully understand what it means. Many individuals believe that all digital marketing organisations do is run ads on Google and Facebook, while others believe that it also includes paid and organic online advertising.

It includes voice searches, emails, landing pages, influencer marketing, social networking platforms and apps, content marketing and remarketing, influencer marketing, online reputation management, and organic web marketing and advertising.

How to Set Up Your Own Digital Marketing Business?

We’ve provided a step-by-step procedure for starting a digital marketing business in India below that will enable you to launch your own business, maintain it, and make it successful. Even if you are just starting out, use this approach to assure your success.

1. Make strategies

You must be aware of your skills, positioning, and plan from the start if you actually want your firm to succeed in the field of digital marketing.

Every decision you make will have an impact, regardless of whether you decide to handle more than one digital marketing channel, target more than one industry, or keep targeting your own area.


2. Create your own website


First and foremost, you need a cool and amazing website to offer your services before launching a digital marketing business in India. You need quality content in addition to a website, like most well-known Indian bloggers do when they start a blog from nothing, make millions of dollars, and then open a digital marketing firm for other businesses. 


3. Choose social media platforms


Select social media networks that would work well with the marketing strategy you intend to use; these are the places where you will connect with future customers.

You can build a strong online presence by sharing relevant content and interacting with your audience on social media. Additionally, it inspires prospective clients to trust your company.


4. Build your own brand


Creating a brand is one of the most important things to do these days if you want to stand out in the crowd. Create a logo, print some business cards to distribute, create engaging content for your website, include eye-catching slideshows with marketing emails, and so on.

Having a logo assists with brand identity development and identifiable brand development. Spending excessive amounts of effort or money on design refinement or frequent updates is not advised. Instead, start with anything that piques your attention and expand from there.


5. Registration 


Obtaining company registration will help you stay out of any future ownership disputes or contractual obligations.

You can register your business as:

However, which one you select will depend on your business's size and ownership requirements.

Contact our legal professionals right away to learn the best structure for your company.

Then, submit an application for the necessary licences to operate your digital marketing business in India.

The list of necessary licences is as follows:

  • GST Registration 
  • No-objection Certificate
  • Insurance Policy
  • EPF Registration (if there are 20 or more employees in a company)
  • ESI Registration (if you have 10 or more employees)

6. Build a core team

You'll need to build a core team if you wish to dabble in varieties of digital marketing activities. Every team member needs to have knowledge about a certain facet of digital marketing.

Solopreneurs can hire independent freelancers who have expertise in particular facets of digital marketing. Here, we've listed the specialists you'll need to assemble a core team for your organisation in digital marketing: 

A. Content Creator

A web page's ability to draw in organic traffic is primed by its content. Through search engines, readers might be attracted to high-quality content that has been appropriately styled with current keywords and design.

You can use various strategies to persuade these visitors to become paying clients. In order to assist your client in creating material that will draw visitors if they already have a writing staff, you can just provide them with the hottest themes and most popular search terms.

B. Media Specialist and Webdesigner

Although written content may help you draw website visitors, the majority of consumers do not appreciate reading numerous pages of text. To keep visitors from feeling overwhelmed and leaving the website, aesthetic elements are essential.

You can add infographics, animations, and pictures to the information to keep the visitor interested. The ability to remix and use this visual content in social media marketing campaigns is the biggest benefit.

C. Ad Experts 

Although organic traffic to your client's websites is fantastic, it might not be enough to generate sales or leads. In order to acquire targeted visitors, you should experiment with sponsored adverts on search engines, websites, and social media.

Advertising experts are skilled at attracting potential customers' attention and turning them from website visitors into paying clients.

To work on other ad networks, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others, you can hire one or more experts. They might design marketing initiatives that take your clients' needs into account.

D. Sales Executive

You’ll need customers if you want to run a successful digital marketing business. Employ sales executives who will be in charge of finding clients and negotiating your pricing and agreement conditions, unless you want to be personally involved in presenting to clients.

Additionally, they will be in charge of planning monthly deliverables based on the duration of the project, such as traffic, content, and so on.  

E. Social Media Manager

To administer the social media accounts of your clients, you must hire a social media manager if you want to provide social media services.

They will be responsible for posting news, articles, and other types of content on social media, as well as managing social media marketing campaigns and answering followers' questions and comments.

A social media manager can help you implement influencer marketing by locating the right influencers in the market your customer is targeting.

7. Stay updated with market trend

One of the most important things that digital marketing companies need to be aware of is to stay updated with market trends and best practises.

To provide the best solutions to your clients, you must constantly advance your knowledge, expertise, and skills. If you have staff, make sure they go to workshops, classes, and conventions to expand their knowledge and meet others who have similar interests. Understanding the business environment and being up to date with new developments in the field of digital marketing is crucial.



Digital marketing's goals are to increase website traffic, produce leads that convert, and reach as many people as possible.

The companies' attention is now on playing by ethics, strategy, substance, and efforts rather than spamming the niche. Consequently, learning how to launch a digital marketing business in India and doing so with an excellent strategy might completely alter your game.


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