Top 10 EdTech Companies in Kolkata

Get to Know About Top 10 Ed-Tech Companies in Kolkata

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The digital age has brought about a new era of technological improvements, and this change has not spared the education sector. EdTech businesses have become essential participants, utilizing technology to improve student's educational experiences. The cultural center of India, Kolkata, is no exception to this pattern. The city has recently seen the emergence of several cutting-edge EdTech businesses that are revolutionizing the way education is provided. The top 10 EdTech companies in Kolkata that are significantly advancing the field of education are listed below.

FastInfo Class: FastInfo Class is a cutting-edge online ed-tech company in Kolkata that caters specifically to spoken English courses. Its mission is to provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience through live and interactive classes. Using state-of-the-art two-way audio, video, and white-boarding capabilities, our instructors deliver personalized guidance, ensuring you receive the attention you need to excel in English. Gone are the days of passive learning; at FastInfo Class, we believe in making language acquisition fun and engaging.

Features of the FastInfo Class:

  • Customized Learning Paths
  • Interactive Classes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Easy Techniques and Practice Sessions

E-Pathshala: E-Pathshala is a higher education institution that can use accreditation management software. enables businesses to handle compliance, reporting, student data gathering, accreditations, and more. A freemium model is used to determine pricing. provides consultation services and holds workshops in addition.

Prepgenie: An online resource for test preparation called PrepGenie provides study guides for tests, including the GAMSAT, UMAT, PCAT, HPAT, and UKCAT. It offers instructional materials and practice exams created by university tutors. The students can access the material through a learning management system on the Internet.

Master Mentors: A mobile platform that offers tuition services for skill development. Users can communicate with mentors thanks to it. Additionally, the portal offers classes in the arts, tattoos, lifestyle, music, sports, and other topics. Both Android and iOS mobile devices can use the mobile app.

GuruSiksha: Gurusiksha is a mobile platform that offers solutions for tutor discovery. It makes it possible to locate nearby tutors, both online and offline. Additionally, it supports inquiry, teacher profile selection, demo courses, class confirmation, and the teaching process. It offers tuition information for competitive, extracurricular, and school- and college-level courses. It provides an Android version of its application.

ClassRoute: App and platform for community-based learning for kids. It provides MCQs, ways to clarify concerns, videos, a location to buy and sell books, chat support, study materials, and more. Android phones and tablets can download its app.

Shiksha AI: A mobile platform that offers AI-based learning and teaching solutions. These features include speech processing, artificial intelligence-based natural language processing, machine learning-based apps, and more. It offers a variety of apps, including Learning Numbers, a gamified platform for learning numbers, and Learning Alphabet, a gamified platform for learning alphabets and phonemes. Visual Learning is a gamified platform that enables students to learn about fruits, vegetables, animals, and more. Both Android and iOS mobile devices can use the mobile app.

Career Geek: Career Geek targets middle-class families with our best services in the areas of education and career, offering top-notch study materials at a very reasonable cost. Career Geek offers students a single platform where they can obtain answers to all of their questions and get all of their issues resolved. They are offering the following benefits: Career Geek offers services and materials of the highest caliber at incredibly inexpensive costs. We will target the rural and middle classes through this.

Vaanahaa Education: In today's world, handling increasingly complex challenges requires individuals to have a variety of talents, including cooperation, critical thinking, understanding client needs, embracing newer technologies, solving multidisciplinary problems, and creativity. Lessons and tests alone won't adequately prepare students for such a setting. It is crucial for students to have both the practical skills required for employment in industry and a theoretical comprehension of key concepts.

Techfin: Techfin is the top platform for developing skills in the fintech sector. India has an 87% acceptance rate for fintech, but according to a PwC Global CEO study, 60% of the industry is having trouble filling positions and 80% is worried about a lack of fintech talent. Therefore, at Techfin, we endeavor to reskill and equip the workforce to be Fintech-ready by creating and enhancing skills for both corporate technology services and financial services. 

These forward-thinking businesses are utilizing technology to revolutionize education, and it's thanks to them that Kolkata's EdTech ecosystem is growing. The top 7 EdTech companies in Kolkata contribute to the advancement of learning experiences for students in their unique ways. As technology continues to shape the future of education, these companies are at the forefront, driving positive change and empowering students to excel academically.

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