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1 hours ago


I am very happy with the service of Online Legal India. The expert lawyers had done a great job to solve my case. They provided me with the best online legal service.

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Thank you so much for giving me advice on divorce. I didn’t know what to do but the legal professionals of Online Legal India helped me to get out of this situation and now I got my solution.

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Rajesh Dhar

Firstly, I was a little bit confused about whether I will get a proper service or not but now I am totally satisfied with the service of Online Legal India. I would like to thank the lawyers who helped me out throughout the legal process.

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Nisha Singh

Wonderful experience with professionals of Online Legal India. I received the Legal service on time. The process was very simple.

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Deepak Sharma

The professionals of Online Legal India were very helpful and hardworking. I got very genuine advice on divorce. They guided me very well in this matter.

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Varun Gupta

I got a wonderful legal service from Online Legal India. I didn’t face any problem in sending legal notice as they guided me smoothly throughout the process.

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Naitik Shaw

Thanks to the professionals for assisting me get out of my legal disputes. They were very humble and polite. Service on time. Affordable fees for service.

1 week ago

Tarun Ghosh

Before taking this service I was a little bit nervous thinking about whether I should take legal advice online or not. But the professional lawyers were very experienced and they provided me with very genuine and logical advice.

1 week ago

Bijoy Das

Thankyou for your hard work that provided me with a good solution. It was nice to get service on legal notice which helped me very much to attain my purpose.

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Mitali Ghosh

It was a very good experience with Online Legal India as it helped me out of my problem by giving me logical advice on divorce. I would recommend getting legal services from this genuine company.