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In Online Legal India, we value your time! Thus you will be guided through a simpler process here to get enrolled for ESIC registration. The steps to follow:


Fill-up the form


Make the payments


Get the call from our ESIC expert


Upload the details as requested


Our experts will take your approval for registration


ESIC experts will register the employees in the ESI portal


Documents required for ESIC Registration

As per the ESI Act, 1948, the essential documents to be registered for ESIC are:

Registration certificate

Registration certificate (GST Certificate, COI)

Address Proof

Address Proof (Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill)

PAN Card

PAN Card

Cancelled cheque

Cancelled cheque (for authentication of bank details)

Digital Signature

Digital Signature of any Director of the organization

Partnership deed

Partnership deed for partnership firm


ESIC registration affords both economical and medical remuneration to employees having sickness and injury. The benefits are namely:

ESI registered

Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana

In this scheme, an ESI registered person for three or more years, who become unemployed due to shutting down of factory/workplace or suffering from invalidity are entitled to: a.Unemployment Allowances equal to 50% of wages for a maximum period of up to 2 years. b.Medical care for self and family members from ESI Hospitals during the period the employee receives unemployment allowance. c.Professional training for upgrading skills including travelling allowances by ESIC.

Wage coverage

Wage coverage

The key benefit of being registered with ESIC is that for any certified illness, 70% of the total wage will be provided. But it should last for a maximum of 91 days in a year.

Old age care

Old age care

The medical expenses of any aged employee will be provided from ESIC.

Medical benefits

Medical benefits

All the registered employees along with his/her family members will get medical assistance in the needy time.

Medical benefits

Medical benefits for woman employee

In case of any pregnant maternity benefits will be provided with paid leaves.

Postmortal benefits

Postmortal benefits

If the death of an employee happens in the workplace, the dependents of that employee will obtain 90% of the salary every month. It is applicable in case of disability as well.

Funeral expenses

Funeral expenses

Through the registration with ESIC, the dependents of any employee will be provided the funeral expense for that employee.

Important Points Relating to ESIC registration

  • The finance of ESI scheme comes from both employees and employers. Every month, 4% of the ESI contribution will be deposited to the ESIC fund. The employers are required to contribute 3.25% and employees give 0.75% of their payable wage.

So, 4% of the total contribution is as below:

Employers Employee
3.25% 0.75%

ESI Returns Filing & Due Date

Organizations having ESIC Registration are obliged to do standard ESI return filing within specific dates. The scheduled procedures are:

ESI filling interval Due date
Half Yearly April-September: 11th November
Annually 31st January


  • In case of not fulfilling the requirements of ESI Registration and ESI Returns, the employer would be liable for a fine of INR 10,000.

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What is a Code number?

It is a 17 digit unique identification number allotted to each organization registered under the provisions of the ESIC Act. After all the necessary details submission, this number is generated.

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