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Professional Tax is like Income tax but is collected by the State Government. It is a tax on all kinds of professions, trades and employment and levied based on the income of such profession, trade and employment. It is levied on employees, a person carrying on business including freelancers, professionals etc.

Registration & Filling of P-Tax is Mandatory for :

  • All types of paid professionals working or trading in India.
  • According to the regulation, every professional acquiring a regular monthly wage is obliged to pay this particular tax. The professionals would get a unique registration number by registering in the P-Tax portal and using that they can pay the P-Tax therefore.
  • P-Tax registration is the responsibility of every business owner, who shall deduct the professional tax from an employee’s salary and expense for fulfilling the very regulation.

Who are exempted from paying Professional Tax?

  • Foreign employees are exempt from paying profession tax.
  • Indians employed by the Foreign office and consultant are excluded from taking the certificate of registration .

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Documents required for P-Tax and for Enrollment

The following documents are mandatory for online P-Tax registration by Online Legal India:

Pan Card

Pan Card

Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card


A proof of the workplace with NOC from the owner of that location

Bank Statement

Bank 1st page / Statement

Govt fees

Govt fees Rs 300/-( Three Hundred Rupees only)

Registered Moblie No

Registered Moblie no & Email id

digital form

Acknowledgement of the online form, along with the print out of the digital form submitted.

PAN Card

Copy of PAN Card.

Residence Proof

Residence proof of Partner, Director, Proprietor.


Proof of Constitution of business like Certificate of Incorporation.

Cancelled Cheque

Blank Cancelled Cheque.

Address Proof

Address proof of Business place.

Establishment Certificate

Establishment Certificate.


PAN & PTEC details.

All these documents are required to be self-attested.




The professionals can claim a deduction in their wages based on the paid professional tax. The particular subtraction will be allowed in the same year in which the taxpayer paid the P-Tax amount.

Easy to Conduct

Easy to conduct

The P-Tax regulations are very easy to follow along with the registration process for this particular matter as a whole.

Staying away from penalty

Staying away from penalty

Failing in P-Tax registration & filling can lead to a large amount of penalties that keep raising with time.

Judicial requirement

Judicial requirement

According to the rules and regulations of the Indian Govt. every working professional is obliged to pay the professional tax.


Facilitating the State Govt.

The local authorities and State Govt. requires this taxable amount for various development issues.

Important Points

  • After every financial year, the P-Tax should always be filed. The employers also get an opportunity to correct any mistakes made within the scheduled time of registration and filling.
  • P-Tax amount varies in different states in India. Notably, Maharashtra Govt. amended a new law stating each partner of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is liable to pay P-Tax of INR 2,500 per annum.

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