What to Do If You Are Barred From Filing GSTR-1 From 1st September?

By  Ankar Kapuria

Published on  14 Sep 2021

Updated On  22 Sep 2021

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The GSTN rule says that if you don’t file GSTR 3B for two consecutive months you cannot file GSTR 1 from the 1st of September. Read the blog to be aware of GST return filing rules that have been implemented since 1st of September.

What’s The Procedure of Filing GSTR 1 Form Online?

By  Sriparna Dey

Published on  23 Jul 2021

Category  GSTR-1

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A registered taxpayer may face several unforeseen difficulties while filing GSTR 1 form online. Chances for him/her to make JSON error or Invoice-related error. Read the blog about how to tackle the situation with taxation experts.

Due date for filing GSTR- 1 is January 13, clarifies Government

By  Noikata

Published on  09 Jan 2021

Updated On  12 Feb 2021

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GSTR-1 due date as clarified by the Government.