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How to get FSSAI License for Spices?

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 12 Nov 2020 Updated On 05 Jan 2023 Category FSSAI

India is famous for the different essences in our food, we are known for being at the part in the game.Flavours and spice are the forte of India.

India also exports spices to almost all parts of the world. The spices of India are valued like gold in the food business. It has high price points, high demand, and adds a whole new twist to the taste and aroma of the food.

Why do we need FSSAI License for spices?

 FSSAI is also known as Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. In order to guarantee the quality of Indian spices in the international as well as the domestic market, the FSSAI License has made it mandatory for spice units that sell, trade spices in India should apply for the food license to begin their operations and run on a commercial level.

The guidelines pertain to not having any sort of moisture, volatile oil content, insect-damaged matter, or for that matter any sort of impurities present in the spices sold in the market or exported to different countries.

How to get an FSSAI License Online for spices?

Long queues and loss of time are some very common problems faced while trying to work with the government officials. There are communication gaps, language barriers, and many other aspects which make the process lengthy and tiring.

We at Online Legal India™offer you varied legal support services with the help of our expert panel along with 24x7 on-time service that will help you achieve the heights you want to reach without over exhausting your resources.

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