Know About Your GST Number

Know About Your GST Number - Detailed Information

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Every GST registered person receives a GSTIN, also known as a GST Identification Number. Before the introduction of the GST, each state's tax authority provided a special TIN number to each dealer registered under the state VAT statute. Similarly, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) granted service providers a service tax registration number. For compliance and management reasons, all registered taxpayers are combined onto a single platform under the GST regime and given registration under a single authority. Every business in a state or union territory will receive a special GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number.

How you can get the GST registration number

In each state where they are registered, all businesses are required to apply for a GST number. Therefore, it is best to ascertain under the GST system whether a company must apply for a GSTIN or a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number and to register accordingly.

Businesses that had previously been registered and used TIN systems for all business-related activities, including obtaining capital MSME loans, were instantly switched over to the GSTIN system and given new GST numbers.

On the other hand, new GST registrations will get a new GSTIN once their registration is complete and approved. All GST-registered businesses are required by law to print the GSTIN on every GST invoice they send to customers.

Validity of GST registration number

Regular taxpayers' GST registration numbers are valid indefinitely until they are revoked or surrendered.

The GST registration certificate's stated expiration date only applies to non-resident taxable persons and occasional taxpayers.

Who needs to file for a GST number?

Most states require firms with an annual combined sales of more than Rs. 20 lakh to register for GST. Businesses involved in export or import, interstate supply, e-commerce, and other similar conditions are required to obtain GST registration mandatorily regardless of yearly aggregate turnover, in addition to the criteria for aggregate sales.

Fees for getting GST registration number

Business loans already cost a lot of money and are pricey. Thankfully, when GST registration is completed online via the government portal, no fees are assessed by the government. You will receive an ARN (Application Reference Number) by SMS and email to confirm your registration once you have supplied all the necessary documents.

However, suppose you hire a CA to provide professional assistance. In that case, you must cover their fees, which could be costly, particularly if you need MSME loans or any other type of financing.

Individuals and businesses eligible for GST number

While registering for GST is required for business owners with revenues of more than Rs. 40 lakhs, the following companies must absolutely do so as well:

  • Anybody who signed up for Exercise, VAT, or Service Tax before introducing the GST.
  • Those who pay their taxes under the reverse charge method. Under the reverse charge system, those who receive the goods or services are responsible for paying the GST.
  • Online lenders like ZipLoan have provided business loans to small enterprises.
  • Distributors of input supplies and agents for suppliers.
  • People who contribute through e-commerce aggregators.

Format for GST numbers

A clear framework governs the GST Numbers issued to individuals and registered businesses. In addition, numerous people and small enterprises take out business loans and other types of financing. Keeping track of all these financial dealings and MSME loans is simple.

The essential details about the GST Number Format are as follows:

  • There are 15 digits in the GSTIN.
  • The first two numbers, which can range from 01 to 35, represent the state code for registration, according to the Indian Census of 2011.
  • The PAN number for the GST registered entity is the next 10 digits.
  • The GST number's thirteenth digit represents the entity code. It directs to the order in which registrations by a legal entity with multiple registrations in the same state were completed. The same legal entity can register two business verticals in the same state. However, the second registration will have the 13th digit of 2, while the first registration will have the 13th digit of 1.
  • The 14th digit for current registrations is "Z" in accordance with the existing GST number structure, even though this digit is essentially being saved for future use.
  • The fifteenth digit is currently used as a check code and may also be an alphabet or number chosen at random.

How to verify the GST number?

To make sure that the GST taxes you pay are going to the proper places or not, it is crucial to verify your GSTIN. Due to the fact that the invoices some firms are producing are fraudulent, they are committing tax evasion by issuing GST invoices and collecting tax from clients but not reporting these taxes to the government.

Through the GST portal, a GSTIN can be easily verified. To check the name and address of the GSTIN holder, all you need to do is enter the GST number. If the phony GST number is not stated on the invoice in accordance with the required format, you can also spot it.

GSTIN verification ensures that your taxes are being paid to legitimate companies or organisations and that they are reaching the appropriate accounts.

Difference between GSTIN and GSTN

Be careful not to mix up GSTIN with GSTN. A GSTIN is a tax identification number. At the same time, the Goods and Service Tax Network (or GSTN) is a company that oversees the GST portal's whole IT infrastructure. The Indian government will track every financial activity through this portal, which will also offer taxpayers all services, including registration, tax filing, and maintenance of all tax information.

After receiving a GSTIN, you must:

  • Create GST-compliant invoices using Online Legal India’s website
  • And see Online Legal India GST software for filing GST returns.

How can Online Legal India help you get a GST number?

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