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How Can You Start a Solar Company in India

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This blog is for you if you want to start a solar company in India. This article will cover all you need to know to get your solar energy business off the ground.

Why start a solar energy business in India?

Renewable energy sources have grown increasingly essential as global electricity consumption has skyrocketed.

The national and state governments of India have created and executed a number of programmes, incentives, and initiatives to encourage more people to adopt solar energy.

If you start a solar company in India with patience and determination, you may reap great returns. Solar has attracted a large number of professional business people and start-ups as one of the most significant renewable energy sources.

Furthermore, many localities, particularly smart cities and next-generation cities and towns, are investigating rooftop solar energy generation and have policies in place to assist it. These elements contribute to the immense potential of the solar sector.

Although India's transition to solar energy as its primary source of power is still in its early stages, the potential for many years to come is absolutely huge.

Types of Sector in Solar Business in India

1.Manufacturing sector in solar business

The first is the manufacturing sector, which is in charge of producing items and accessories for the solar industry.

This industry requires a considerable investment of capital on your behalf because of the high costs associated with manufacturing the product, as well as acquiring the property and paying for the salary of the personnel.

If you are unable to risk putting all of your savings in the firm, you may consider taking out a business loan to establish a solar energy business in India.  

2.Service sector in solar business

This industry includes installation, repair, maintenance, and other services. As the role comprises tasks like support and maintenance, solar expertise and a team are essential.

3.Marketing and sales sector in solar business

The marketing industry requires a high level of competence rather than a huge financial investment. You should, however, be able to generate leads and convert them into clients through website building and digital marketing.

What are the opportunities available for entrepreneurs in the solar company?

1.Sell solar products

It is critical to have an abundance of solar items on hand while installing a solar panel. Solar thermal systems, solar PV, solar attic fans, solar cooling systems, solar lighting, solar gadgets, solar rechargers, and other solar devices are available. This is one of the opportunities for business owners.

2.Be a solar product distributor

Because of the persistently high demand for solar panels, producers require distributors to get their products to market. It is one of the locations where entrepreneurs can explore the market for a solar company and its product in rural areas where power distribution and electricity distribution are quite uncommon.

3.Develop and own solar projects

A person can work with an experienced solar consultant and contractor to handle the installation of a solar panel at various locations, and he or she can also establish his or her own business and project. A person can become a solar developer by creating a decent Business Plan and acquiring funds for his or her own project.

4.Sell after market products

Once the solar panel is built, there is a need for items that can be supplied to solar customers in order to boost their yields, revenues, and profits, as well as products that lessen the need for cleaning and so on.

5.Sell 3rd party provided services

In addition to selling products, an entrepreneur can also sell services provided by other organisations, such as solar insurance, solar cleaning, solar finance, and so on.

6.Invent solar products

A person with an intent mind can create new items, such as any existing device that requires power to function and how solar energy can be used to produce solar power.

7.Independent solar consultant

People are generally unaware of the benefits of solar energy. As a result, it is critical to raise public awareness of the benefits of solar installation. People also seek professional advice that considers all choices and guides them through the full procedure.

8.Solar panel cleaning

It is critical to keep the solar panels in good condition since clean panels produce more electricity than dirty panels. As a result, many consumers would rather hire someone to clean their solar panels than clean them themselves.

9.Energy auditor

Conducting energy audits is another service that is becoming increasingly popular. Essentially, you will provide suggestions on how customers might cut their electricity consumption.

10.Solar repairs

< Solar systems have a lengthy lifespan. It did, however, necessitate some upkeep from time to time. Upgrades, such as new inverters, wiring replacement, storm damage repairs, and so on, may be required, particularly on older systems. Solar item repair is also one of the most profitable solar business prospects in India.

Stepwise procedure to start a solar company in India

1.Create a business plan

Before embarking on any new endeavour, a solid business plan is required. Your business plans should include everything you need to establish a firm, such as a history of your organisation and a breakdown of your finances and working capital.

A solid business plan and project report also make it easier to obtain financing from a variety of sources, such as private and public sector banks, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), regional rural banks, small finance institutions (SFIs), and microfinance institutions, at any stage of the company's life cycle.

2.Apply for company registration

The next step is to establish a legal business entity, which is accomplished by registering a company.

There are several ways to register a company.

According to Indian rules and regulations, you can register a corporation in any of the following ways:

Choose the appropriate location

The location of a business determines its success or failure. Given the nature of the solar energy industry, it is vital to select the business location carefully.

To maximise storage and future use of sunlight, there must be a high concentration of sunlight.

Obtain mandatory registrations and licenses

Production, distribution, consultancy, installation, sales, parts & accessories, contractor/financer/researcher, R&D/maintenance, trade, and training are all viable options for starting a solar energy business.

Each of these divisions offers significant potential for company growth and expansion, as well as profit generation.

As a result, different registrations and permissions are required depending on the business type. However, the following are some essential registrations that apply to all company models in order to launch a solar energy business in India:

Registration of the Establishment:

The first and most important step is to register it as a legal entity in the form of a proprietorship under the Shop and Establishment Act, a limited liability partnership under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, or a company under the Companies Act, 2013.

GST Registration:

GST Registration is necessary for all firms that make taxable supplies of goods or services. All firms with revenue that exceeds the threshold limit must register and get a GST number.

ISO Certification: ISO 9000-2015 certification is necessary to assure the quality of services and to establish consumer trust.

Trademark Registration:

It is recommended that a trademark registration be obtained in the name of the firm for its services in order to retain the uniqueness of its services.


Now, after reading this blog, you might get a clear concept about starting a solar company in India. For any further assistance, you can connect with the experts of Online Legal India.

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