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How to Export Seeds from India to the Foreign Market?

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 12 Jan 2021 Updated On 22 Jan 2022 Category APEDA

The rising demand for fresh and organic fruits and vegetables is driving the seed production business to new heights in India. The country’s surplus production has enabled its export growth. Europe is high on demand for vegetable and fruit seeds which in the term is aiding positive growth in India.

Biological advancements and innovations have sparked the production of major crop seeds such as corn, cotton, soybean, and wheat. The global Vegetable and Fruit Seed industry are expected to become an Rs. 980 Crores industry by the year 2022.

With the advent of modernization in agriculture, it sure will turn profitable and beneficial for the Indian exporters.

Profitable Factors in the Indian Seed Export

  • Genetically modified (GM) crops are high in demand globally.
  • Due to recent technological advancements, the seed replacement rate has been increased.
  • The quality of seed is getting improved every day based on ongoing research and innovations.
  • There’s an increasing demand for healthy and nutritional foods in consumers.
  • The modernization of agricultural infrastructure is one of the key factors for growth in the seed industry.

Besides, the Indian climate is considered suitable for various seed production in different parts of the country. Where the Northern part usually holds the position of producing wheat, soybean, the Eastern and Southern region is known for its cotton farming.

Thus, the seed business holds a promising future in the export industry. If you want to earn sure shot profit in a new sector, then seed export is the right choice for you. For any export, you need to obtain a few mandatory licenses.

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