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How to register Digital Signature Certificate for Trademark?

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A Trademark makes sure you have exclusive ownership. To use a particular logo, slogan, shape, packaging of goods which includes smell, colour combinations or anything else that gives your brand a distinct identity.

Trademark Act,1999 register's your Trademark under the named act.

To file a Trademark application online, there are certain pre-requisites. Where you would require a Class 3 category Certificate for e-filing of a Trademark application in India. This article talks about using DSC for a Trademark application and also its benefits.

What is Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificate is a Digital Certificate that authenticates the identity of the holder through a secured key(USB). A Digital Signature impersonates the security properties of a handwritten signature on paper through asymmetric cryptography. Like an Addhar Card or a Passport, it enables the holder to prove his identity. 

Documents Required for Digital Signature Certificate

  • PAN
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport Photographs

What is the use of DSC in Trademark registration?

Trademark is governed by the Trademark Act 1999 in India where the office of Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks issue the overall regulations for the Trademark application. A comprehensive e-filling is allowed by the Department of industrial policy and promotion now allows for a comprehensive e-filing system.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Individuals, Companies and Organizations is mandatory to take part or who wish to opt for online form filling for Trademarks, Patents, tenders etc.

Benefits of using a DSC

  • Time-saving: Digital Signature Certificate ensures that business saves on cost and time with documents and contracts signed off with a click of a button.
  • Economical: Many companies also see significant cost savings, with little or no expense in ink, paper, printing, scanning, shipping/delivery or travel expenses.
  • Workflow Efficiency: Workflow efficiency increases by managing and tracking documents are made easier, with lesser effort and time involved.
  • Better Customer Experience: Digital Signatures provide the convenience of signing important documents where ever a customer or the person to sign is located. 
  • Security:  Digital signatures reduce the risk of duplication or alteration of the document itself. As, Digital Signatures ensures that signatures are verified, authentic and legitimate.
  • Legal Validity: Digital Signatures provide authenticity and ensure that the signature is verified. This can stand in any court of law like any other signed paper document.

How can we help you?

This filing can be done online you can file your DSC application online on the official website of Online Legal India™. Our expert team of highly qualified CA/CS would assist you to comply with the filings of the Digital Signature Certificate. We have budgeted services for those who are willing to venture into a company, business or any other kind of organization. 

 Apart from getting registered with MCA, any business personnel must also register with GSTTAX and CompliancesAccounting, Trademark Registration, or creative assistance in Logo Designing and Import Export Code registration to step a foot forward in the Foreign market. To deliver your digital assistance we have the best minds in the industry for your business incorporation, our concierge work round the clock to give you a hassle-free service online.

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