Rajesh Kewat at National Fame Awards

Rajesh Kewat conferred with Brands Impact National Fame Awards 2022

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 09 Aug 2022 Category Business

The Founder and Managing Director of FastInfo group of companies Mr. Rajesh Kewat was bestowed/conferred with the prestigious “Businessman of the Year 2022” award organized by the NFA (National Fame Awards).

This is what we can call building your way up from the ground, and we are extremely inspired by it.

Mr. Kewat believed in the ideology that “No matter where a person is or what they are doing, one must always try to be totally engaged in it and put in their hundred percent. Do not be distracted by the views of others; focus on what engages and inspires you. Revolutionary thinkers who create new ideas are driven by their goals and perspectives. 

He started his journey from scratch and today owns a multi-crore turnover business. All this was possible because he believed in himself and constantly worked with sheer determination and will towards fulfilling his dreams. 

We can surely say that this award is another valuable addition in the milestones of his journey and there are many more to come.

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