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All You Need to Know to Start a Matrimony Business in India

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The matrimony business is a kind of matchmaking service in which applicants interested in marriage or looking for someone to marry can register their names, and the Marriage Bureau recommends potential matches from its database. An individual or a group can run the Marriage Bureau from an office or home. Today, in this blog, we will discuss the process of how you can start your matrimony business.

Most marriages are done through the bureau community. The Bureau offers matchmaking services directly when the candidate or the candidate’s parents visit the Bureau, as well as through correspondence, emails, and phone calls. Some matrimony agencies arrange meetings between suitable candidates.

Starting an Online Matrimony Business in India

You will require a web portal to start an online matrimony business. Now that the website is new, how will people connect to it? The company must market it so that people know about it. If you start at the national level, you may fail because you’ll not have enough money for national advertising or marketing.  

Therefore, your business should be viewed locally, such as in Punjabi weddings, Bengali weddings, hill weddings, and so on, to perceive individuals living in a state or region as its target clients and its online portal among them. You should market your matrimony business to make them register by subscribing to your online portal. So, let’s discuss the steps a prospective entrepreneur should follow to start their online matrimony business. 

How to Start a Matrimony Business in India: Steps

There are various procedures that you must go through while starting your matrimony business. So read the steps thoroughly to apply it effectively. 

  • Decide whether you want to establish your business locally or nationally.  
  • Decide if you want to start your matrimony business solely or with partners.
  • Find out about licences and registrations that need to be obtained for your business. 
  • Get help from a matrimonial website developer or designer who will help you build your own matrimonial website. 
  • Decide who will be the target audience for your business. 
  • Market or promote your online or offline matrimony business with the help of social media, local newspapers, word of mouth, etc. 

Legal Procedures for Starting Your Matrimony Business in India

Most businessmen in India are enticed to visit marital websites because of the scope of marital business, but they believe it is difficult to begin leaving behind the idea of marital business. The truth is that nothing is difficult; you just have to put in some effort. The first step is to finalise the company name once you have found a suitable place to establish your company. 

Choose the structure of the business organisation. It can be a proprietorship, partnership, private limited, or LLP form of company. It is up to you which one you intend to finalise for your business. 

Once you’ve finalised the business organisation structure, the next step is to register your company locally, which is governed by local, state, or municipal regulations. Company registration is very important so that you may not get into any legal troubles, as without having a licence, it is illegal to run any business. If your matrimony fees exceed Rs. 7 lakhs maximum in one year, you’ll need to register for service tax. If you get the service tax registration, you must pay taxes every quarter, which are collected from the client. You also get the amount subtracted if you pay any service tax for the services you use.

Open a current bank account in the name of your company. The profit you earn will be deposited into your current account. 

Advantages of Community-based Marriage Bureau 

It has been seen that community-based marriage bureaus, which are open to all communities, have a better possibility of success. This is due to the fact that people from a specific community will only operate a marriage bureau depending on the needs and requirements of that community. One of the common advantages of doing so is: 

  • A person’s acquaintance with religious standards and communal principles, as well as word-of-mouth exposure, are all free. 
  • When engaging with a member of your community, the community’s comfort level is likewise very high. 

All of these reasons played a crucial role in the marriage bureau’s development, and it quickly became an elite marriage bureau. As a result, increased candidate registration and work, in general, are guaranteed, provided that the individual starting the marriage bureau can leverage their community connections while also providing himself worthy of this confidence.  

Offline Marriage Bureau Services

  • You can personally visit your partner and his family.
  • When it comes to the offline mode of matchmaking, you can meet someone in person and assess their personality.
  • Offline matchmaking service has a higher chance of revealing your partner’s genuine background.   
  • Offline matchmaking allows you to share your address or obtain the opponent’s address. 

Benefits of Matrimony Service

Wedding websites do not normally charge a fee. They are there to assist you, and you should not feel compelled to attempt. They do not ask for any account information and do not waste time. 

Telling everyone that you are looking for the perfect bride or groom and asking for a list of suitable prospects may be a disgraceful move for someone. You can, however, do it yourself with wedding websites. 

Nothing can happen if one wants to advance in a specific field. Well, marital sites match your interests, and everything is extremely professional and normal.

Wedding locations are not limited by geography. Anyone can effortlessly connect with profiles from all around the world. You may effortlessly communicate with your partner via online chat services. It is beneficial to learn more about them. 

You can have a personal profile that only certain people see, or you can send a signal around the world that you are ready for a meeting.


Matrimonial service has connected numerous people around the world and helped them find a perfect match for themselves. Many people from all over the world are involved in this service, so starting a matrimony business would be fruitful for you if you are an expert in matchmaking services. 

Furthermore, when you start your business, you need some registrations and licences for successfully establishing it. So, register your business with the experts of Online Legal India, who will guide you in every step of the process. 

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