File Consumer Complaint against Car Dealers in India

File Consumer Complaint against Car Dealers in India

Car Manufacturing Companies are rapidly spreading their realm in Indian market.

It is an established fact that India has managed to highlight its name as one of the leading countries in Car Manufacturing sector in the world.

Hence, it is needless to mention that car manufacturers or car dealers are one of the most prominent sources of national revenue in India.

However, the number of instances of fraudulent car manufacturers or car dealers in India is considerably high.

A few typically business minded industrialists in the name of Car Manufacturing Company are engaging themselves in various unfair trade practices without any hesitation in order to fill their pockets with black money by encroaching the hard-earned money of the innocent consumers.

Grievances against fraudulent Car Dealers in India

As car is one of the most essential requirements in our daily life, people easily tend to buy new as well as old cars from car manufacturers or car dealers with a hope to smoothen out their day to day activities and reach their destination on time.

On the other hand, a number of blood sucking so called car manufacturers or car dealers take full advantage of this situation and easily engage themselves in unlawful business with an aim to fulfil their pot of greediness.

However, in the past few years a ton of grievances has been filed from different parts of our country by the buyers or consumers of new as well as old cars.

A few common grounds on which the Consumers have registered Consumer Complaints in India are given below: –

  • Selling damaged or defective cars;
  • Using cheap quality parts in cars;
  • Non-compliance with stated warranty policy;
  • Non-initiation of refund/ return in case of refundable cars;
  • Negligent service provided by the company;
  • Any other similar reason.

Remedies available against Fraudulent Car Manufacturers/ Car Dealers in India

Many car manufacturers in India in order to rule the market and encroach innocent consumer’s hard-earned money, manufacturing low standard, cheap quality cars and selling those at unreasonably high price.

This is not only encouraging the practice of unlawful business in India but also their unfair trade practice undoubtably involves a lot of risks towards the consumers of the same.

On the other hand, the consumers are forced to buy those cars out of their own need and as a result, face the inevitable consequence.

However, remedies can be obtained against such malpractice by filing a Consumer Complaint Online or offline in the appropriate Consumer Forum under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 seeking necessary redressal.

As Consumer Complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction on a consumer’s behalf to a responsible party”, anyone who is a rightful consumer can easily file a complaint against the responsible service provider.

The Government of India has enacted this act with an aim to safeguard the interests of the consumers against unfair trade practices in India and deliver justice in a speedy manner.

This is a revolutionary Act, exclusively designed to deal with the consumer complaints only.

Also, in most of the cases the respondent is directed by the Court to pay compensation to the consumer for causing harassment and damage including the legal expenses caused to him/her.

As deficiency in service on part of any Vehicle Manufacturer is a very sensitive as well as challenging issue in India, one can easily register a Consumer Complaint in the District Consumer Forum against the concerned Car Manufacturer or the service provider or any such organization engaged in this business.

How to File a Consumer Complaint Online?

If you have suffered from negligent service or deficiency in service on part of any Car Manufacturing Company or Car Dealer and looking for quick and quality redressal then you are in the right place.

Our website has already dealt with more than 6,000 consumer dispute cases till day out of more than 1,000 cases are consumer complaints regarding negligent and unprofessional Car Manufacturing Companies.

We are proud to inform you that in 98% of these cases our clients got necessary redressal along with a good amount of compensation.

Here your entire case will be exclusively guided by our well experienced, eminent advocates throughout the process who will also take care of all the legal procedures till the end in order to provide you hassle free, quality justice.

To explore your rights as a Consumer in India, ask a lawyer.

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