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Everything You Need to Know About Re-Designing Company Logos

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Businesses showcase and advertise their brands among consumers using a variety of components and symbols. These components occasionally serve as brand ambassadors and help companies establish themselves in the marketplace. These components sometimes also reflect the goals or vision of the company. Since they are so important, there are numerous misconceptions regarding redesigning business logos.

Taglines, brand ambassadors, the name of the business, and notably the emblem are examples of such aspects. A simple visual representation of the company serves as the logo. In general, it displays what the business offers or sells to its client. Redesigning the company's logo is a subject of much misunderstanding and urban legend. The entire procedure for registering or modifying their logo can be found here.

How to redesign logo for the best results

The company's primary representation of its identity to the outside world is its logo. Modifying the logo to fit new needs and requirements is usual. Numerous corporate behemoths alter their logos to communicate their mission and motto.

Myths about a logo redesign

  • A logo redesign should have a symbol

Who says a logo has to have a symbol? Many businesses, like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony, don't use symbols in their logos. However, their goods and/or services are a runaway success. To draw customers, they don't need a tiger or a wheel as their corporate emblem.

On the Apple iPhone, the apple serves as a metaphor. You can relate to that because you know it's an Apple product. There are some goods, though, that don't require a signature. An uncomplicated text will merely defend what you are doing. A logo is not always necessary!

  • Logo redesign must follow the industry style

There are alternative symbols that can be just as meaningful and artistic. Very few logo designers choose an image of an ocean or a key as their logo design. You'll see an ocean image rather than trees if the house is on the coast. Some people don't live in rural homes but in apartments. With a logo redesign, you may therefore express your creativity. It's monotonous with its rural homes and trees, and your real estate business will be just like everyone else's.

  • A logo redesign must be everlasting or timeless

There aren't many companies with classic logo designs. For instance, the McDonald's logo design is well-liked and recognised by everyone. People wouldn't recognise it as the McDonald's they are familiar with if they changed their appearance.

But the aphorism about classic logo design can be false! Logos age just like everything else does! There are times when the logo needs to be changed. It needs to be updated to reflect current developments. Since they began, even the McDonald's logo has seen numerous changes.

Another supposedly ageless logo is that of Pepsi, but it has also changed over time.

  • A logo design must be agreeable

The logo style may be something you just like, but someone else may not. Who cares?

Your product must ultimately fulfil its claims of performance. Everyone is concerned with outward aesthetics and beauty, yet a logo's objective is to achieve something very different. It should be suitable for your business or brand. Nobody can disapprove of your business because of the blandness of your logo.

Time to mature now! Despite having a hideous black bat as their logo, Bacardi produces some of the best white rums. Does anyone really think the ugly black bat is important? In reality, when consumers see this nasty bat, they may relate to the brand.

  • An excellent logo design can take your business to new heights

Don't stress too much about the design of your logo! Yes, the design of a logo is crucial. Having the priciest logo design might not be successful. You want to work with a good designer who takes the time to find the most artistic and relevant logo design for your company. Your company won't achieve new heights just by changing the look of your logo. Although it's an essential aspect of the company's image, success in business requires hard effort and the provision of high-quality goods and services.

Register or Update your Company Logo: Step by Step

  • Redesign the current logo

Make a logo that embodies the company's principles. Make sure to differentiate it from other logos, even in small portions. If not, the breach of formal agreements can result in a legal court proceeding.

To make the method go more smoothly, it is usually advisable to use a professional service. Their advice will be helpful, and it can speed up the process considerably. To ensure that your logo is distinctive and successful legally, they advise you to have a better concept of it.

  • Apply for registration

It is crucial to register your new logo if you have designed one. The primary goal of registering the logo is to make it impossible to copy, preventing any other company from using it legally. To safeguard its rights, it should be completed as soon as possible.

After successfully completing the registration form, you are now qualified to apply for the (TM) affix. One can readily apply for the same through the procedure of filing an application, which is followed by a police inquiry. You will receive the TM certification if everything appears to be in order.

  • The trademark application

If one already owns a trademark for their previous logo, they can skip this step. The new logo application would go through a thorough inspection by the officials in this step. It would undergo several legal and basic tests. The company would receive the trade mark certificate if the logo passed all of the tests and examinations.

However, if a business doesn't follow the guidelines, its request for a new logo may be turned down. The Trademarks Act of 1999 is in charge of this legislation. The examiner will share an examination report and request corrections when the application is rejected. The company's main responsibility in the meantime will be to respond to the letter and fulfil the demand within the allotted time frame.

  • The hearing

The examiner has the right to request a hearing from the applicant if they are unhappy with the new or changed logo. Usually, this is done to report a rule infringement or to suggest modifications. If the problem is resolved in this way, the application will move on to the next round. The Myths About Re-Designing Company Logos shouldn't be the main focus. possess complete knowledge and should only react to legal notices.

  • Examination by Registrar

It's time to publish the logo in the Trademark journal when it passes all of the preceding tests. If there are no objections, it could take up to 4 months from the date of publication to have it assessed by the trademark registrar. Otherwise, the objection or any other infraction will cause more delay and require the authorities to launch a thorough inquiry.

  • Getting the certificate

The logo is ready for the final phase after passing all the tests and inspections. The registration and certificate would be sent together with the Trademark's seal if there are no issues with the logo as of now. In contrast, the Central Register of Trademarks would list the brand's name and company logo.

Key points to keep in mind

  • The [®] symbol may be added to the top of a logo for the first time by a brand, while an existing [®] symbol may be retained by a brand that has modified its logo.
  • It can take between six and eight months to complete the registration process for a new or amended logo.
  • The logo would only be valid when it was authenticated for ten years. The beginning of the tie period will be the date on which the registration was received.
  • Keep in mind that the logo must be renewed every 10 years. Otherwise, the logo would lose its legal validity and cannot be used going forward.


So, this was the crucial information pertaining to the logo redesign and registration. One of the most crucial components of branding and marketing is the logo. As a result, it shouldn't be disregarded. A group of graphic designers might be hired to create or refresh the logo.

Registration is an equally crucial task in this process as updating or altering. By providing the appropriate services, Online Legal India, India's top provider of legal services, can assist you. Our in-house attorneys, who are highly skilled and recognised authorities in their fields, may assist by dispelling any myths associated with redesigning business logos. Our website and mobile application both offer access to our legal services.

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