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Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 25 Apr 2022 Updated On 29 Apr 2022 Category Business

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards all our customers for trusting Online Legal India as their legal advisors. 

We are so grateful to be working with you, and we truly appreciate your trust in us. Online Legal India is proud to have customers like yourself who constantly encourage and support us through our good as well as bad times. 

A big thank you for helping us grow, today Online Legal India Reviews on TrustPilot and it would not have been possible without you guys. 

We hope you will keep us in mind for your future projects! Online Legal India looks forward to working with you time and again. 

Let ‘US’ take ‘YOU’ on a Walk Down the Memory Lane 

We started with the website “Online RTI Application” and have come a long way from there.

Today we are one of India’s leading legal service providers. And a part of credit for our accomplishment goes to you!

Our founder and MD started this company keeping in mind about the hardships faced by common people to draft out legal documents and wanted to help them make this process easy. It was when he started RTI Application he got to know that the common people of India are facing problems in getting legal advice related to all the sectors and he decided that it was time he started something that will help them and FastInfo Legal Services was born. 

Previously, due to the complexity of filing an RTI application people used to let it go, but to make the whole process which is so complex in itself available online is a milestone in itself. It was due to this simplicity that our website bloomed. 

When the company started, it started with a one man army, and today it has provided employment to over 500+ people in India and wants to increase on the pedestal further. 

Online Legal India started within a small room in Dinhata, Mr. Rajesh Kewat being the sole source for all the operations. He did all the work; from designing the website to answering the clients call.

In the present day Online Legal India has helped more than lakhs of customers file for their consumer complaints and get justice and lakhs of business owners have trusted us with their company registration procedure. We have helped save you time in filing for your Income Tax Return and we have helped get your GST registration done. 

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Future plans for our website

  1. We are looking forward to serve you with even better user experience and app interface
  2. You will be able to do your transactions more easily and readily
  3. We are looking forward to adding even more services on our website, to become your one stop solution
  4. We are trying to reach each and every corner of the country to serve even more people

We are grateful for the trust of our customers who have shown that they believe in service rather than some reviews on the internet.

No one is perfect in this world and our company is a small part of it, even big brands in the industry sometimes make mistakes and we are not comparing rather conveying a message that gives our company a chance. Believe in the service you get, not on some negative reviews posted online. It is in human nature to pull down someone who is reaching new heights, do not pay heed to such reviews. 

We will not say that we are perfect but we can definitely assure you that we are constantly trying our best to meet your expectations and beyond. Our team of industry experts constantly keep themselves updated about the latest developments in the industry to help you in a better way. Our designers are constantly working towards a better user experience. 

We would like to invite you to become a part of our world and make your life simpler. For us, the journey has just begun and from here the only way is up. We Hope we can maintain Positive Online Legal India Reviews in the future too.


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