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How Can You Download FSSAI Certificate?

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Food standards may be reduced in times when people do business locally or in the online market. The stored food may have harmful chemicals or be in unusable condition. Some food may have heavy metals or many other contaminants. The offenders need to be brought under the control of governing laws so that the consumers get relief from such contaminants and have standard food. So, FSSAI, or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India was established in 2006, and it has been modified with some clauses in 2011. Apply for it and go for the FSSAI Certificate download from the FoSCos website.

What is an FSSAI certificate?

To ensure safety, all food business operators including pharmaceuticals or medical stores where food or food supplements and nutrients are sold are required to have an FSSAI license. So, they have to apply for it. If they do not have any license certificate from FSSAI, they will not be able to sell those food and food-related things.

FSSAI is a 14-digit number, which you will obtain after successfully applying and being certified by the authority. As soon as a business gets certification from FSSAI, they have to follow some rules and regulations for supplying food items to the market for consumers. When any company gets an FSSAI license and the code is displayed on the food packet, it means the food is safe for human consumption as a food item. So, when downloading FSSAI certificate, you can mention the license number on the food packet and attach the FSSAI logo on it.

What happened after the FSS Act 2006 was implemented?

Various acts like the Food Adulteration Act,1954, Meat Food Products Order,1973, Fruit Products Order, 1955, 1947, Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation)Order 1988, De- Oiled Meal and Edible Flour (Control) Order, 1967, Milk and Milk Products Order, 1992, Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order Solvent Extracted Oil, etc will be repealed after commencement of FSS Act, 2006.

Previously the control of all these items was not on a single authority. Hence, the process would get complicated for assessing by the governing body as well as licensing issues from the business owners. So removing multi-departmental and multi-level controls, the licensing atrocity will control all departments from a singular and centralized system.

Thus, the act established an Independent Statutory Authority and established the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. The head office of the body is in Delhi. The State Food Safety Authorities and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has the authority to implement various provisions of the Act.

Establishment of the Authority

Understanding that food consumption must be safe. So, the government must be a protective hand for the consumers. So, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India is the administrative body to implement FSSAI. The government of India has selected the Chairperson and the chief executive officer of the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. The Chairperson of the department is also in the rank of Secretary to the Government of India FSSAI department.

FSSAI regulations are mandated by the FSS Act 2006 and remodified in 2011. FSSAI has the following functions in the food business. Let’s Notice Them

Framing of regulations is the main purpose of the FSS Act. They have prepared the guidelines with the consideration of the safety of the common people or consumers, specifying the system of food or its business and they have been enforcing the standards of each food business. After specifying all the standards, they notify the public through notices or any form of declaration.

After laying down the mechanism and guidelines for accreditation of the certification body, they urge the food business companies to acquire a license from FSSAI. Unless they register under FSSAI, they will not be able to sell any food items anywhere in India. Thus, they play a fundamental role in running the business of a food business owner/company.

They also suggest guidelines for food business, accreditation laboratories, and the notification of the accreditation laboratories.

FSSAI governing body provides scientific and technical support to central governance, state food authority governing body in this matter, and framing policy, rules, and areas of implementation directly or indirectly in the field of food safety and nutrition.

After collecting and collating the data after food research, consumption, indigence, and the consequences of biological risks, risk of various residues, risk of contaminants during food processing, cultivating, and preserving. The use of preservatives and their risks to the human body, consequences of long-term use, and many other factors are disclosed by the FSSAI department. After consumption, the identification of risks and the introduction of a rapid alerting system are also mandatory. So, they do it.

They must create an information-spreading network across the country to make the consumers aware. They should declare what food is consumable and what is not to the root level consumers including the municipality and panchayat level. Through this information network, they receive reliable objective information about food safety issues and related concerns.

Provide training programs for the people who are willing to be connected or establish a food business.

They contribute to the development of international standards for food so that the food items can qualify the export services. So, having an FSSAI mark is a mark that gains international approval for exporting any goods. At the same time, FSSAI claims the food item to be sanitary and qualifies for phytosanitary criteria.

They promote general awareness related to food and related to its safety standards. Individual people can go for an FSSAI license download and mention it on the food package to inform the customers that the product is certified by the food quality certifying authority of India. FSSAI denotes the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

The overview of FSSAI registration

Any food business cannot continue its business without having an FSSAI license. So, the startup business or small local business must register FSSAI when they are planning to grow the business in the future. However, FSSAI certification helps grow a brand competing with other reputed brands. What should you do then? You have to register for FSSAI on the FoSCos website and go for the FSSAI Certificate download after successful approval from the authority.

The Types of FSSAI Registration:

FSSAI license has 3 types. They are as follows:

  1. FSSAI Basic Registration

The FBOs whose annual turnover is below 12 lakh rupees per annum, and whose production capacity is more than 100 liters/kg per day are required to apply for an FSSAI basic registration certificate. This certification is required for very small companies or food production industries.

  1. FSSAI State License

Medium-sized food businesses that have more than 12 lakh rupees turnover per annum but do not exceed 20 lakh rupees require applying FSSAI State license from the state government.

  1. FSSAI central license

The large FBOs (Food Business Organizations) that have an annual turnover of 20 crore or more require applying for a central FSSAI certificate from the Central Government of India.

Process to FSSAI certificate issuing:

The FBOs need to apply it to the FoSCos website. You can directly visit (https://foscos.fssai.gov.in/apply-for-lic-and-reg). There, you will get options asking for your food business. Click and select the options and then fill out the form over there. After submitting the form with the correct details and required documents, you will get the license after a period of time. It takes 30 working days for basic and 60 working days for state or central FSSAI license certification.

Before getting the certification, you have to face the following phases:

Confirmation of jurisdiction during the FSSAI application and payable office fee if there is any.

Document scrutiny that you have submitted

You will be inspected by the authority before granting the quality of your product, production, and all if necessary.

If FSSAI authorities are satisfied with all the parameters they want to get fulfilled, they approve it for issuing a certificate. All these processes have been conducted before the issuance of the FSSAI certificate within the stipulated time frame. Usually, they send a copy of the license with a QR code on the registered email of the FBO.

FSSAI license number and explanation:

The FSSAI Certificate:

You have been previously said that it is a 14-digit license number and it must be displayed on the food packages as proof of quality. If it is not attached to it, the local government can stop pursuing the business. You can also display a copy of your license anywhere at your business office.

The 14-digit FSSAI license has 5 sections. Each of the sections is meaningful in different ways. Let’s notice:

  1. The first digit of the license indicates whether the food business has received an FSSAI registration or not.
  2. The second and third digit of the license indicates the state code predetermined by the authority where the business will be operated.
  3. The fourth and fifth digits of the license are the indication of the year from which the food business receives the FSSAI certification.
  4. The sixth, seventh, and eighth digits of the license indicate the license number. It indicates the code of the enrolling master or the code of the register officer.
  5. The best part of the digits (9-14) is the serial number of the license.

FSSAI Certificate Download Procedure:

It is easy to download an FSSAI certificate from the online platform. Here are the steps that help you download the certificate easily.

Steps to download an FSSAI certificate:

When the FSSAI certification authority approves it for your food business, they will send an email to you at your registered email ID. The steps are as follows:

Step: 1  

Visit the FoSCos website, and log in there with your credentials. This option is available when you open the opening page of the website (landing page).

Step: 2

Enter the “Username” and “Password” with the captcha and click on the “Sign in” option.

Step: 3

The dashboard with your credentials will be opened there. This time you have to click on the “Issued” option.

Step: 4

After clicking on “Issued” on the upper section, there will be a dropdown with some yellowish color where “Issued - License” will be displayed. The second option would be “Issued - Registration Certificate”.

Step: 5

If you applied for a “license” click on it, or if you applied for a registration certificate, click on the second option, “Issued - Registration Certificate”.

Step: 6

When you click on the before-mentioned option, a page will be opened where your reference number and license number will be shown. If you click on the reference number, your application form will be opened.

The license number is just below the reference number. You have to click on it. On clicking there, you will get your FSSAI license. It will be a 4-page document.

Step: 7

At the right corner of the page, you will get a symbol for the downloading option. Click on it and get it downloaded. However, as soon as you click on it. You will see a page where you will be directed to print or save in PDF format.

Step: 8

If you have a printer connected to the system, order it for print. If you do not have it or you want to save the file on your system for further use or print, you can choose the option, “save as pdf”.

Step: 9

Thus, the FSSAI Certificate download will be completed. Your food business is not certified for getting a hike in the open market safely. As the customers will get safety, your business will also be recognized and will compete with the other reputed food businesses of similar types.

Step: 10

If you want to print it for further use, send the PDF of the downloaded FSSAI license to the computer center for a printed copy of the license.

This is the way to FSSAI license download for all FBOs. Now, you understand that the FSSAI license is in your hands. You have to maintain the terms and conditions of the FSSAI. Otherwise, they will reject the license from you. You may be penalized according to the law of the government of India.

Importance of FSSAI certificate

  1. Quality Assured

As soon as the FBOs get the FSSAI certificate, they can display it on the food packet. This is a mark of reliability, quality, and safety of consuming any food products entering the food market. FSSAI logo and unique registration number will ensure you the food is qualitative and safe.

  1. Consumers feel confident

If you are a consumer, what will you notice while purchasing food products? Your main concern would be in its quality. How will you ensure that your purchased products will be qualitative? Anybody can claim that theirs are good products. When you bring it home, you might be harassed. The quality may be questionable. On the other hand, the food items with FSSAI registration numbers would be great in quality. It is the mark of quality. If you find any fault in the product, you can complain against the food sellers to the consumer complaint court. So, nobody wants to hamper the reputation of their business. So, when consumers get an FSSAI registration certificate and print the FSSAI number on the packet of the product, you will get extra reliability from the consumers. That is the reason, you have to apply for an FSSAI certificate, and then you have to go for downloading FSSAI Certificate from the FoSCos portal.

  1. Business increases effectively

After discussing the last point, you may have understood how the FSSAI license impacts the purchasing tendency of customers. When they notice the FSSAI mark and license number on the packet of food, they will surely get confidence in buying the product. They will buy your product if your selling cost is less than a reputed brand. Hence, the FSSAI license affects a lot in increasing the business.

  1. You can compete with the big brands

Big brands consume the lion’s share of the market. Most times, they are hard to bid through a less reputed brand. It becomes possible when you have an FSSAI license. Are you getting my points?

Consumers want quality products, and you have it as you have proved it to the FSSAI authority. You have to maintain the same quality as you showed the FSSAI authority before getting the certificate. When quality is up to the mark, and the cost is less, you will surely get more customers from the market. Usually, an established brand sells any product at a high cost. The cost of your product would be less as you are not at that level. So, customers will bend to purchase yours. You can easily compete with the big brands dominating the market. Hence, FSSAI is the symbol of quality. Hence, apply yourself or with the help of a company that is an expert in this matter, and then go for the FSSAI license download from the portal.

Therefore, the FSSAI Certificate download is easy for everybody. You have to submit all documents by yourself and file the application online. Then, wait for the response of the respective authority. If you are confused about filling out the form and submission, you can go for the secondary process. The second process is to contact Online Legal India and tell them to do it for you. There is no possibility of getting it mistaken. The experts will fill out the form for you. If all your data is perfect, you will get it at the time mentioned for a specific type of application. What are you waiting for? Contact us now and stay confident.

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