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12 Powerful Logo Design Ideas for Your Business

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Most people imagine a logo when they think of a brand. Much more than that, a brand. However, one of the most recognisable components of a brand identity is undoubtedly a logo. Beyond coming up with a brand name, it’s also one of the biggest creative obstacles. How do you create ideas? How can you tell if it’s appropriate for your brand? A precise balance of intuition, expertise, and creativity goes into the process. We have worked with many brands to assist them to bring their logos to life. 

But over time, we have created a logo design process that helps everyone involved and makes it even more pleasurable. If you have been thinking about how to create a great logo design, follow our logo design techniques to assist you to make really good logos. 

Logo Design Techniques to Make Your Logo Look Great

A logo design of a company can make or break its chances of success in the marketplace. An effective logo design can forge a strong connection with the target market that a company and its business are trying to approach. However, an inappropriate logo design fails to convey a company’s message and eventually hurts that business. Here are some strong logo design ideas to help you create an impactful logo. 

1. Know About the Brand

It is essential to have some knowledge about the brand for which you are designing a logo. Remember that the logo needs to be visible to a specific group of individuals which involves the target market and target customers. 

Understand the brand’s personality as well. What image does it wish to convey to its clients and the market? Does the business have a softer or tougher tone? You must prepare such information in advance. Such details will guide you while designing a logo. You will choose the elements of the logo after learning more about your brand. 

2. Create a Logo that Reflects Your Business

Make sure your logo can properly reflect your company. The colours and image of your logo should complement the type of company you run and the goods and services you offer. When a logo reflects the nature of your brand, it will help your business stand out in the competitive marketplace. 

3. Know Your Target Customer

Before creating your logo design, thoroughly understand who is your target audience for your products or services. Who in the crowd stands out as the ideal customer for your product?

Once you have an idea about the target audience, it will be easier for you to create a logo that they can relate to. You can pick the colour and shape for logo design from the library of an online logo maker. 

If you begin designing a logo without considering your target audience, you will find yourself lost on the drawing board.

4. Draw Sketches on a Piece of Paper Beforehand

Avoid creating your logo without first doing some short sketches and then moving straight to the drawing board or a logo maker. On a piece of paper, scribble as many sketches as you can rapidly. This will enable you to use different logo design ideas that you may have.  

These sketches enable you to have an idea of the image of the logo, and you can select the most impressive drawing.  However, it is irrelevant which drawing you prefer. What matters is which sketch makes the most sense. Then, using an online logo maker, turn that sketch into a final logo. 

5. Choose a Logo Design Style

Selecting a logo design style is another logo design technique to take into consideration when creating a logo. When considering the design of a logo, which aesthetics should you choose? You ought to take into account the personality and identity of your brand. 

Despite the fact that there are numerous design styles, some of the most popular ones are handmade, fun and quirky, modern and classic. Think carefully about your brand before selecting your look. 

6. Choose Versatile Colour Options

The colour scheme of your logo might contrast beautifully with the colour of the canvas on which it was produced, but eventually, it will be used against backgrounds whose colours you didn’t choose. 

Always have versatile logo colours for both light and dark backgrounds. That might only require changing the font’s colour. Or, in rare circumstances, you might need to change the colour of your logo altogether.

To be prepared for ordering promotional items that will feature your logo, make one of each option. For a variety of products like t-shirts, stickers, notepads, and coffee mugs, you’ll have many colour variations of your logo. 

7. Choose an Appropriate Font 

The next logo design process is to use text and images together. Start taking into account the written name of your organisation if the chosen sketch is largely a shape or symbol rather than text. Unbelievably, the font you choose can reveal a lot about your company. You can select a font that is either serif (each letter has a stem), generally known as a classic or modern typeface, or sans serif (no stems).

8. Make it Unique 

Change your logo if it resembles one of those used by your competitors. Your logo represents your brand identity. People shouldn't think that your brand is similar to another brand on the market because that would reflect a bad impact on your company.

Make sure your logo is distinctive in using colours, fonts, shapes, icons, symbols, etc. Make an effort to stand out significantly from the other logos in your target market. For this reason, researching competitors’ logos is essential while creating a logo.

9. Choose the Logotype

Do you want to create a logo that prominently displays the name of your business? That might be a good logo design idea. A logotype is what we call such a symbol. The logos of Coca-Cola, IBM, and Ray-Ban are a few well-known examples of logotypes.  

If you decide to use a logotype, customers will see your company name the right way. This implies that your logo will also serve as an advertisement for your brand. 

You can communicate your company name through the logo, and you won’t have to spend much money on advertising your brand. Logotypes are advantageous for small businesses with limited marketing resources. 

However, if you decide to use a symbol as your logo, it will cost you a lot of money to raise awareness of your brand name. The Apple logo has a half-byte apple as its company symbol as their logos.

A combination logo with the company name and the symbol is another option. Such a logo will clearly communicate the name of your business as well as the message of the company. 

10. Ensure Scalability

Making your logo Scalable is another effective logo designing technique. Keep in mind that different types of adverts will appear in your logo. In all media, it should display an impressive logo. 

This implies that the emblem should be spectacular when enlarged to enormous proportions on a billboard. The design of the billboard should incorporate it. 

However, the logo design fails if it loses its sense of proportion, and some of its design features appear odd on the billboard. Similar to this, the logo feature must still be readable when printing on a smaller surface, such as that of a promotional item like a pen. 

11. Experiment with Negative Space 

Graphic designers skillfully employ negative space to produce original works of art. Negative space is the area that is empty in between two letters or images. By using this method to create a logo, graphic designers frequently consider creating something original and unexpected. 

The FedEx logo is a well-known illustration of a logo that makes the best use of negative space. It has a hidden arrow between the letters E and X.

12. Get Reviews for Your Logo

Ask individuals or other designers for their opinions once you have completed designing your logo. Ask the followers on social media what they think of your logo design. However, choose qualified people for comments on social media carefully because not everyone has knowledge about graphic design. 

Improve your logo design if you think these suggestions are valuable and beneficial. If the reviews are useful, get them and make the changes in design if necessary. 


So, these are some strong logo design ideas that you should keep in mind while you develop your logo. However, if you cannot do it yourself take the help of a professional logo designer at Online Legal India where you will get logo design service at a nominal cost. Our experts will make a great and effective logo design for your company. 


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