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Purity Of Spices A Growing Concern For FSSAI

By Ankar Kapuria Published On 21 Oct 2021 Updated On 27 Oct 2021 Category FSSAI

Spices are an integral part of the kitchen and each and every dish has its own set of requirements. These spices give the food the taste, colour, texture, etc. Without these spices, the dish doesn't stand on its own. FSSAI purity standard is a growing concern in the market today. There have been FSSAI rules and regulations to determine the issue and tackle them. The purity of species has been recently brought into question which is having a harsh effect on human health when consumed.

What is the purity standard of FSSAI and how do they maintain it?

The FSSAI guidelines for the purity of a product is the utmost priority. But with the huge market demand, it has become a common occurrence where adulterated products are found to be circulating. Each of the tests done in the lab is published for the public. Based on the result the public try them at home to avoid consuming adulterated products. Every business has to undergo a certain test to fulfill the criteria to get a food license. It is after obtaining it that they start adulterating the products. And it is not just limited to the spices but rather all kinds of products.

FSSAI has its own set of people who have come up with “Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test”. This is a site that brings out various ways in which people can test the product available in the market. They can detect adulterated products sitting at home with simple yet effective measures. There are certain points that the FSSAI has put for the better shopping of food. Some of the points are:

One should not buy the product if it is discolored.
If there is odour coming from the product one should not buy it.
If there are dead insects one should avoid the product.
Look for the Manufacture and expiry date.
Look for the FSSAI registration details.
Following the steps one can significantly reduce the use of adulterated products.

How does FSSAI deal with Adulterated Red Chilli Powder?

Red Chilli powder is an essential part of Indian food and thus is used a lot. It has thus become a way to adulterate the product. Not many pay attention to the texture or colour but rather believe in what is written or printed in the packet. The test that FSSAI has come up with is to take a glass of water and put a spoon full of chilli powder into it. When the powder settles down the residue is taken on the palm. If the texture of the residue is rough then it is brick powder. If it so happens that the residue is slippery it is Soapstone. This shows the Red chilli powder adulteration.


Adulteration is something that the FSSAI is in a constant fight with. It is the help of the public that can provide the push for the betterment of food products and restrict the production of adulterated products. To top the production of the adulterated product one has to know how to distinguish. Once that is done everyone can decide for themselves what is good for them. It is in the fight against adulterated products that we need to lend our hand to FSSAI so that we can have better food and quality products without compromising on our health.

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Anjali Malhotra


Anjali Malhotra