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All You Should Know About FSSAI License Renewal

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The Food Business Operators that adhere to the FSS Act are given a fourteen-digit License Number by the FSSAI. The FSSAI License number and the FSSAI logo must be imprinted on the food items by the Food Business Operator, respectively. The Food Business Operator is necessary to get the FSSAI License before starting the business. It is not only important to obtain an FSSAI licence; it is also necessary to renew your FSSAI licence from time to time. The Food Business Operators may choose a licence validity period of 1 to 5 years (FBO). With more years under the FSSAI licence, the cost of the licence rises.

Importance of FSSAI License Renewal

By requesting a renewal, the FBO must make sure that his or her FSSAI licence is in good standing. He or she has to monitor the renewal procedure because any delays will result in severe penalties. The FSSAI licence will be deemed invalid if the food company owner fails to renew by the deadline. The FBO won't be allowed to continue its food business operations in this case. As a result, it is advised to stay informed about the Food licence renewal procedure.

Additionally, the online procedure of FSSAI License Renewal is more convenient than the offline procedure. Let us have a look at it.

Procedure for Online FSSAI License Renewal

The procedures for the renewal procedure are shown below. A website named FLRS, which refers to Food Licensing & Registration System, was developed by the FSSAI.

  • You must first visit the FLRS website & log in with your username & password. Already registered users can access the FLRS platform by logging in.
  • "Apply for Renewal of Registration or License" should be selected.
  • On your screen, a pop-up list will be presented to you. Simply choose the suitable link and press the 'Proceed' button.
  • A confirmation notice with the question "Are you sure? " will appear on your screen. Do you wish to apply for licence renewal? To continue, click the "OK" button.

Procedure for Offline FSSAI License Renewal

  • First, by submitting forms A, B, and C, the FSSAI Licence is reinstated based on the suitability of the food trade.The form designated for the renewal of the Basic Food licence is designated Form A.Form B is used to renew a state- or central-level licence.
  • Second, a self-attested declaration is required in accordance with the Food Safety & Standards Act's rules.
  • Third, the management will examine the applicability and the operational conditions of the food industry. The management will inspect the FSSAI renewal licence application when it has been served. The management might also assign one of its devoted personnel to conduct the inspection of the food service providers.
  • Fourth, when the food inspection officer is convinced by the application and the Food Business Operator's regulations, they will provide the application with information about the review.
  • Finally, the management will distribute FSSAI Renewal Licence in around 60 days. If the licence is not granted within 2 months of compliance, the owner of a food establishment may continue operating without renewing it.

Benefits of FSSAI Renewal

  • Consumer Sensitivity

These days, people are more interested in and motivated by the availability of nutritious meals. Consumers are also aware of the positive and negative aspects of the cuisine. The FSSAI License raises awareness among consumers about the safety and healthfulness of the food they are consuming.

  • Legal Benefit

For the Food Business Operators, the FSSAI has established several norms and regulations (FBO). From the perspective of the law, all of the laws and regulations are valid. To guarantee that the food people eat is fit for consumption, the FSSAI registration is now a required legal procedure.

  • Adoption by the Public

The FSSAI certificate gives the consumer the impression that the food is suitable for consumption, therefore they accept the food that your company sells. The FSSAI also leads customers to assume that your company's food has government approval.

  • Inspect the quality

The product of a Food Business Operator is subject to an examination by the FSSAI officials to ensure its quality (FBO). Customers feel more confident after learning that the brand is FSSAI-registered, leading them to believe that the product is of the highest possible quality.

  • Growth of the Business

The Food Business Operator finds it simpler to get bank financing for business expansion thanks to the FSSAI licence. The FBO can enhance its market standing and grow its business with the aid of the FSSAI License.

  • FSSAI's logo

The FSSAI provides customers with a guarantee of food safety and high standards. The benefits that the food is safe and secure for human eating are added by the emblem.

3 Types of FSSAI license renewal

The three classes listed below are the heads under which FSSAI Licence Renewal is divided.

  • Basic FSSAI License Renewal

All types of food business operators who are registered under the basic registration and have annual revenue of no more than Rs. Twelve lakhs are eligible for the renewal of their basic FSSAI licence.

  • State FSSAI License Renewal

For operators of all sorts of food businesses with annual revenues ranging from Twelve lakh to Twenty crores, the State FSSAI licence renewal is appropriate. The competence of the food firm and the license's validity are key factors in the cost of the FSSAI licence renewal.

  • Central FSSAI License Renewal

The FSSAI licence falls under the category of Central FSSAI Licence and is appropriate for food company operators with a revenue of more than 20 crores. Additionally, they must get a Central FSSAI Licence Renewal prior to the expiration of their validation.

Papers Needed for 3 Types of FSSAI License Renewal

For the basic FSSAI license renewal

  • Food business operators are asked to submit Form A and sign it together with their supporting documentation.
  • Identification documents like a driver's licence, passport, voter ID card, Aadhaar card, or senior citizen card serve as proof of identity.
  • Two images of the applicant the size of a passport
  • By the  Panchayat, Municipal Corporation or Health Department, non-commissioned officials

For the State FSSAI license renewal

  • Properly finished and signed Form B
  • Owner, managers, members, and authorised signatories' photos and addresses should be provided as proof.
  • The factory's floor plan for handling food
  • Index of Directors, with full contact information and residential information
  • ID and residency proof for the people in the upper body
  • A list of food categories for manufacturers
  • No-objection certificate from the municipal corporation or any other local entity, as indicated by the manufacturer to act on his behalf
  • Title and quantity of implements for the manufacture and handling team in accordance with the stated capability and horsepower
  • The partnership deed, ownership document, and, in the case of a trade, a paper containing the articles of association and the memorandum of association
  • Choose the foundational components for the meat & meat handling departments, the source of milk and milk-related commodities, and the plant that supplies milk where it is appropriate.
  • The Ministry of Tourism presented the hotel corporation certificate.
  • For the purpose of packaging things like minerals and fizzy beverages, pesticide remains in the water supply.
  • Certificate for 100% Export-concentrated Units for a Central Licence from the Ministry of Commerce
  • Code for Import-Export The Directorate General Of Foreign Trade issues enrollment records for Central Licence.
  • Using paper subsidies as proof of turnover
  • The report on the testing of the water to be used in food
  • The residential proof is essential (Electricity bill, sales contract)
  • A fragment of the returned check

Papers for Central FSSAI license renewal

  • Form B was properly filled out and signed
  • Plan of the processing unit displaying the measurements and area allocation according to operations
  • Addresses, phone numbers, and picture IDs are listed for each director, partner, and proprietor.
  • Name, list of utilised tools and machines, together with their quantities and installed capacities
  • A responsible person's name and address were listed in an authority letter from the manufacturer.
  • Water analysis results must be utilised in the procedure to verify the portability
  • A source of milk, meat & other basic materials
  • Plan a recall whenever necessary
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Commerce for the 100% EOU NOC/PA document granted by the FSSAI
  • Form IX 
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism, 
  • an IE code document 
  • a Declaration form is supporting documents for verification of turnover and transportation.

Additional Essentials for FSSAI License Renewal

The application for FSSAI licence renewal must also be submitted jointly and must contain an audit report, an FSMS plan, certificates, or a self-statement about the food safety management system. According to the specified format, such a statement should be included on the FBO's, firm's, or trade's documents.

Additionally, submitting Form 9—the Form for the Nomination of Persons—is a requirement for the FSSAI licence regeneration. The business is in charge of completing the form in the required format.

A declaration signed by the official signatory declaring that the work done in the food industry also complies with the Food Safety & Standards Act, hygiene standards, and sanitary practices

Similar to this, all food trade operators must abide by the policies outlined in Schedule IV of the Registration & Licensing Code published by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, as well as any subsequent regulations that may be assigned from time to time by a certified person or head. It must be submitted with the FSSAI licence renewal application.


Every operator of a food business in India is required to get an FSSAI licence. A food licence ensures that the food trade operator is giving its customer conventional, high-quality meals. When the necessary conditions are met, the FSSAI has developed a comprehensive system of registration and permits. Renewal is necessary if you want to continue running your food business lawfully and in accordance with FSSAI laws. The licence has a usual duration of validity that extends from one to five years.

Most operators are unaware of how important renewing your FSSAI licence is, just as you did when you first got it. An FSSAI License must be renewed throughout the period of validity itself. Any food entrepreneur who wants to start a firm in the food sector—whether it's food manufacturing, packaging, or distribution—must apply for FSSAI Renewal.


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