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Evolution of Cyber Law in India

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 11 Jan 2021 Updated On 22 Jan 2022 Category Legal

The primary source of Cyber law is IT Act,2000 or Information Technology act which progressed on 17th October 2000. Where its main objective was to provide legal recognition to electronic medium and also facilitate the filing of electronic data with the government.

Cyber Law Encompasses 

  1. Cyber Crimes: As mentioned earlier it is an unlawful act as described earlier where the target is to achieve personal data and misuse it
  2. Electronic and Digital Signatures: Electronic or Digital signature is used to verify the authenticity of digital message, code or document sent. The three major legal prerequisites – signer authentication, message authentication and message integrity.
  3. Intellectual Property: It refers to the creators whose creativity cannot be forged such as literary, artistic, designs and symbols names, images, music, website, film etc. Such facets of intellectual property that relate to cyber-space come under the jurisprudence of cyber law.
  4. Data Protection and Privacy: It remains a challenging work where individual data is shared in banks, hospital or to other service providers. Cyber laws seek to achieve a fair balance among collecting, storing and transmitting data using new technologies.

Why Cyber law is important?

Cyber Crime is increasing day by day with the advancement in the technological arena. It is imperative to safeguard or protect the people of the state from harmful malware and at the same time, educate them about the same. Also because it is intangible, no jurisdictional boundaries, open participation by all, the gigantic volume of traffic created every second, has enormous potential to anonymity, economic mobility, pirated across the globe and extreme mobility.

What are the advantages of Cyber law?

  • Cyber law helps to secured E-Commerce Infrastructure for online businesses.
  • Cyber law very proficiently uses E-Forms if prescribed.
  • Cyber law helps to Digitally sign your contracts/ papers through DSE.
  • Cyber law also safeguards from emails and other illegal means of harassment in any online portal.
  • Cyber law helps new businesses and startups for Certifying Authorities.
  • Cyber law also secures websites.
  • Cyber law helps in meticulously monitoring on the web traffics.
  • Cyber law also protects one from Electronic Transactions.

 How can Online Legal India™ help you?

We will provide you with technological aid. Our legal concierge who would resolve your issue as well as file a Consumer Complaint against Cyber Crime on the and would work on it until your contentment. One can also take active services like taking Legal Advice or issuing a Legal Notice for Cyber Crime with facts, proves and statements. Our learned legal advocate team will help you draft one legal notice and send across to the accused party.

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