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Documents Required for Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 26 Feb 2021 Updated On 04 Mar 2021 Category Limited Liability Partnership

Compliances are lesser in LLP as compared to a corporation, yet the partners have indebtedness since LLP acts as a legal entity breakaway partner.

What is a Limited Liability Partnership?

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) come somewhere in between partnerships and corporations in terms of working and legal standing. But the foremost significant advantage that LLP provides to every budding entrepreneur is that of restricted liability. While the failure of a corporation would end in possession of private assets, entrepreneurs can rest assured that which will not happen with LLP. 

Documents required for registering LLP in India

Documents of both partners, as well as the partnership firm, have to be submitted for registering the LLP.

Documents of Partners

1. ID Proof of Partners - All the partners are required to provide their PAN at the time of registering LLP. PAN card acts as a primary ID proof.

2. Address Proof of Partners - Partner can submit anyone of the following document:

  1. Bank Statement
  2. Driving License
  3. Residence Card
  4. Any other Government-issued identity proof having the address

   3. Residence Proof of Partners – Latest bank statement, telephone bill, mobile bill, electricity bill or gas bill should be submitted as residence proof. Such bill or statement shouldn’t be more than 2 months old and must contain the name of the partner as mentioned in the PAN card.

4. Photograph – Partners should also provide their passport size photograph, preferably on white background.

5. Passport (in case of Foreign Nationals/ NRIs) – For becoming a partner in Indian LLP, foreign nationals and NRIs have to submit their passport compulsorily. Passport has to be notarized or apostilled by the relevant authorities in the country of such foreign nationals and NRI, else Indian Embassy situated in that country can also sign the documents.

Documents Required for Registered Office

  1. Proof of registered office has to be submitted during registration, or within 30 days of its incorporation.
  2. Proof of office address – Rental Agreement
  3. NOC from the owner of the property
  4. Photocopy of Property or Sale Deed printed in English (if the property is owned)

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): Process of Registration

Step 1: Apply for DSC: To obtain Digital Signature Certificate following documents are required.

Step 2: Apply for DIN: After acquiring the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), the next step is to apply for the Director Identification Number (DIN) of the proposed Director in SPICe Form along with the name and the address proof of the director.

Step 3: Name Approval Application: The next step and a very important step while incorporating an LLP is to decide on the name of the Company.

Step 4: Preparing Documents for Incorporation: After approval of name or for Incorporation of LLP applicant have to prepare the documents.

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Residence Proof
  • Photograph

Step 5Filing Forms: All these documents will be attached with the Information Form "FiLLiP" along with the DSC of the Director, and will be uploaded to the MCA site for approval.

Step 6: Issue of certificate of Incorporation: On further verification, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) will issue a Certificate of Incorporation and we can commence our business.

Step 7: Preparation of LLP Agreement: After Incorporation of LLP. Partners have to execute the LLP Agreement. LLP Agreement shall execute on Stamp Paper.

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