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FSSAI/FoSCos License for Food Truck Business in India

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 09 Jan 2021 Updated On 07 Dec 2022 Category FSSAI 1 comments

Recently, the food truck business has gained huge popularity. These startups offer various fast food and gourmet cuisines which are healthier and cheaper compared to other restaurants. Their instant service and superb quality attract and variety of menu to choose from also value for money attract office goers, college students more.

The culture of Food Truck has been imbibed from the west to be precise from Texas in the 1800s. Later, it transformed into mobile canteens in the 1950s. Over the years it has evolved with time until the 2010s we find an influx of such Food Trucks business operating from several cities pan India.

These Food Trucks are ventured by chefs who are passionate about serving food and make a living out of it. Such business structure is found to be beneficial for every budding food entrepreneurs because of the mobility of the Food Trucks also the initial capital required is lower than what is needed to open a restaurant.

These Food Truck are equipped to cook, prepare, serve, and sell food. Which includes ice cream trucks, trucks that sell frozen or prepackaged food, few have on-board kitchens and prepare food from scratch, or they heat up food that was prepared in a commercial kitchen. In India, especially in metropolitan cities, this business is booming nowadays. New entrepreneurs are opting for this business since it requires low cost initially. The food truck business is a new trend and if it is handled sincerely and carefully, then it can prove to be a profitable business concept. This article will take you through everything you need to know about starting a food truck in India.

You need to keep a few things in mind before you venture out into this business and a Food License is one of them.

How To Start A Food Truck Business In India?

Initially, it may seem a daunting task to start a food business in India, the following points will guide you thoroughly through the process of opening a Food Truck Business in India:

  • Choosing the correct Food Truck/Commercial Vehicle
  • Buying correct kitchen tools and 
  • Sourcing of raw materials required 
  • Apply for licenses and permits needed to start a food truck business in India
  • Look for the workforce required to run the food truck smoothly
  • Install POS software for your food truck
  • Market your business

Different kinds of FSSAI/FosCos Licenses required for the Food Truck Business:

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India has made it essential to acquire a Food License  to run a food truck business. Food License ensures the safety of the food product which is free from contamination and suitable for human consumption. If a food business operator fails to comply with the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, is liable for penalties. Therefore the FSSAI License is the most important and legal certificate for a food business running in India.

Based on the Annual Revenue, there are three FSSAI License are available in India for the Food Truck Business:

  • Basic FSSAI License
  • FSSAI State License
  • FSSAI Central License

What are the licenses and permissions required to open a Food Truck in India?

Below are the few listed key licenses you will require when opening a food truck.

  • FSSAI License: A food truck and for that matter, any food business with gross revenue of more than 12 lakh INR needs to have the FSSAI License
  • NOC from the Chief Fire Officer: As food trucks deal with a lot of gas appliances, having a NOC certificate from the Chief Fire Officer is mandatory. 
  • Permission letter from the local municipal body: When you will zero in on a location for your business premises, you would need to get a written document, stamped by the local municipal body to start setting up.
  • Vehicle License: As you will be operating out of a commercial vehicle, a license for the same must be issued by the RTO of commercial vehicles.
  • GST: When the business turnover is above 40 lakhs Goods and Service Tax is levied by the government.
  • Company Registration: If you further want to set your business you can follow few legal procedures to get your Company Registered.

How can Online Legal India™ help you?

Food Business Operators worried about the hassle but willing to take the registration then must follow all the compliance mentioned above. If you are too busy already troubled with your busy lifestyle stops you from visiting the government we can fix your issues in no time. Our FSSAI/FoSCos expert will help will guide you accordingly online and make this entire registration process seamless for you. We offer plethora of services like FSSAI Registration, GST Registration, Company Registration and many more.

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Shobit Sharma

14 Mar, 2021

I want to open my own food truck In Dwarka

Team Online Legal India™

15 Mar, 2021

Hello Shobit, thank you for reaching out to us. Team Online Legal India™ will get back to you shortly to initiate with the FSSAI FoSCoS Food License for your Food Truck business.


Anjali Malhotra


Anjali Malhotra