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All Detailed Information About FSSAI Registration for Retailers

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Food is a basic human need, and it is the provider’s job to ensure that it is of a high standard. Like any other commodity, the food needs to have a stamp from an authorised agency. This responsibility is ensured in India by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). According to the Food Safety and Standard Act 2006, it is necessary for all food business operators, including retailers, to get their FSSAI registration done. Let us have a look at all the detailed information about FSSAI registration for retailers through this informative blog. 

What Is FSSAI?

FSSAI is an independent organisation that acts under the Government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It is in charge of issuing licences and enforcing food safety and hygiene regulations for all operators of food businesses in the nation. Additionally, it offers FSSAI registration for retailers, online businesses, grocers, dining establishments, and more.

What Is FSSAI Registration?

All food business operators in the nation are obliged to register with the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India in accordance with Sections 31(1) and 31(2) of the FSS Act, 2006. Food Safety & Standards (Food Licensing and Registration ), 2011 governs the prerequisites for licences and the registration procedure. Small food producers with an annual profit of up to 12 lacs are eligible to register, as are small retailers, mobile shops, temporary stallholders, or small or cottage-scale companies. Any food establishment with more than this amount must apply for a licence.  

A 14-digit number is assigned to a firm when it has registered with the FSSAI. It must be linked to the company's products along with the FSSAI logo. In order to guarantee that consumers are receiving the best quality product, these actions are also important for all operators involved in the food industry.

Types of FSSAI Registration 

Basic Registration 

Most likely, a business with yearly revenue of up to 12 lakh rupees will choose basic registration. This licence has a five-year maximum validity and a one-year minimum validity.

State Licence

The FSSAI State licence is necessary for all small to medium-sized food industry owners. The state government issues this licence to business owners who conduct operations within the state. For instance, in order to obtain an FSSAI Licence in West Bengal, you must operate your business only there. Additionally, this licence is required for all businesses with a revenue of more than 12 lakh rupees but less than 20 lakh rupees. Validity for the same is between one and five years.   

Central Licence

Food Business Owners (including retailers, e-commerce companies, grocery stores, restaurants, and others) that fall under schedule 1 of the FSSAI regulations, 2011, and operate in many states are required to register with the Central FSSAI in order to obtain a central licence. FBOs should also apply for a Central licence if their yearly revenue is at least 20 crores of rupees. The validity of this licence is also one to five years. 

How Can FSSAI Registration Benefit Retailers?

Obtaining a food licence can provide retailers with several benefits in their food business. Check out these benefits below: 

Legal Benefits: By holding an FSSAI licence, you will be able to sell your food legally. You can sell food without compromising its quality, cost, or features.  

Grow your food network: Most significantly, by having the paperwork completed efficiently and legally, you have the opportunity to quickly extend your food network.

Gain Consumers acceptance: The fact that the government has officially approved your food product convinces people to trust you as you will have the FSSAI certificate. You may easily obtain your FSSAI licence with the help of Online Legal India. 

Quality Check: Your FSSAI licence ensures that you serve high-quality food. Every individual who directly or indirectly contributes to the food product is included in the check, which inspires consumer confidence.   

FSSAI Logo: Displaying your FSSAI logo will help you grow your brand. Additionally, you must include any package, cards, or cartons that showcase your culinary products. 

Procedures to Obtain FSSAI Registration for Retailers? 

1. Visit the official website. Check to see if you are eligible for a Basic, State, or Central licence. Additionally, based on turnover, a retailer applying for an FSSAI licence may qualify for one of the aforementioned positions.

2. Open the website and click the “sign-up” option. Fill out the sign-up form with the required information and active mobile number, and email address.  

3. Create an account by selecting a username and password that are appropriate for your account.   

4. Once you have got a confirmation SMS or email, log onto your FSSAI account. It should be kept in mind that the newly formed account would only be accessible for 30 days before being automatically deactivated. The account owner must also apply for an FSSAI licence during that time.  

5. After signing into your FSSAI account, complete the required fields. Remember that the FSSAI registration procedure should be completed in a single sitting. If not, the form will be deemed incomplete and rejected. Additionally, you will need to start the process again.  

6. Before submitting the filled-out form, make a copy of it and print it out. It's always advisable to keep a hard copy of the registration form because it can help you later.

7. After registering with the FSSAI, you can see a reference number on the form. You can track the status of the registration form for the FSSAI licence by writing down or saving the number.    

8. Basically, the FSSAI application is processed in 7 days. You will get a registration certificate with the FSSAI registration number once the registration has been approved. Additionally, you will be informed if it is refused.  

Is it necessary for retailers to renew their FSSAI license?

Starting a food business requires an FSSAI licence, and renewing that licence is also equally crucial. The entity must submit a renewal application 30 days before the expiry date of the current licence because the licence is only valid for one year or five years. The retailer will apply for a new FSSAI licence to continue the business in the food industry if the validity of the licence is expired.  


FSSAI plays a significant part in preserving public health across the country through its operational structure, food safety regulations, testing facilities, and other activities. Contact the legal professionals of Online Legal India which offers the services of FSSAI registration for retailers and other FBOs. By taking help from us, you can register with FSSAI easily. 

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