Food License for Fish Export in India

FSSAI Food Safety License Registration for Fish Exporters In India

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Fish is considered to be one of the most demanded products in India. The country is enriched with a wide range of fish resources. Apart from internal use, India also exports a huge amount of fish to foreign markets.

Recently, exporting fish to other countries has shown an exponential growth rate. It is the duty of the fish exporters to maintain the quality and hygiene of fish while exporting offshore.

Keeping this in mind, the Food Safety and Standards Authority has made it mandatory for the exporters to obtain FSSAI Food License Registration before indulging in this business. It will assure the safety of the material going abroad. FSSAI Food Safety License Registration for Fish Exporters in India is a crucial and essential procedure to follow.

Our qualified and expert professionals with experience and knowledge regarding the licensing procedure provide help in the registration process for our clients. You will not have to bear any hassle or responsibility as we will take care of everything and fetch your license for you.

Category for  FSSAI Registration

  • Basic FSSAI License Registration: This Business License is required by slow or low turnover restaurants with annual revenue of less than 12 lakh for 1 year. This registration is issued by the government of a particular state.
  • State FSSAI License Registration This Business License requires an annual turnover of 12 lakh to 20 crores for a period of 1 to 5 years minimum and maximum respectively. Mostly small to mid-sized restaurants are eligible for FSSAI  state licenses. This license is issued to the party of a particular state where the concerned party wishes to open a restaurant. The significant point here is the party who wants to open a restaurant must be effective in a single state.
  • Central FSSAI License Registration: The Food Business Operators (FBOs) need a Central Food License furnished by the Central Government. The license works for more than a month only having an annual turnover of more than 20 crores. Which remains valid for 5 years and the license is applied to the central office covering all the offices across India.


Is FSSAI License Mandatory?

An FSSAI License is an integral part of any business entity because it ensures the safety of food products that are supplied and distributed in various parts of India. Points which further elaborate why entrepreneurs, startups, and restaurants owner requires an FSSAI License:

Consumer Awareness: It brings awareness to the consumers that a certain product is recognized by FSSAI.Lately, consumers are more cautious while buying, eating out with the awake of recent circumstances. An FSSAI works further as a legal stamp that measures the quality control of certain Food Business Operators.

Legal Benefits: The first criteria any Food Business Operator requires to fulfil its legal obligations. If any restaurant is seized during those several rounds of quality check those restaurants are levied with a hefty amount of penalty.

FSSAI Mark: It works as a marketing tool because whenever we checkout any products in the Export Market.We as a consumer look for FSSAI mark behind the packaging of any food items. This hallmark validates the quality of the products assuring its standard to the consumers.

Documents Required for FSSAI Food License

Any Identity Proof document like-

  • Aadhaar Card,
  • Ration Card,
  • Voter ID Card,
  • PAN Card,
  • Driving License.

How can Online Legal India™ help you?

We can help you get your FSSAI Registration for any Fish Exporters. We have the best minds who are an expert in their own field who will guide you accordingly, and in a very short time, you would have FSSAI Registration & License Online. Our qualified and expert professionals with experience and knowledge regarding the licensing procedure provide help in the registration process for our clients. You will not have to bear any hassle or responsibility as we will take care of everything and fetch your license for you.

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What is FSSAI License?

FSSAI Refers to “Food Safety and Standard Authority of India”. It is an organization under the Ministry of Health and an Independent entity. FSSAI Registration is mandatory for all Food Business Operators and companies that are considered eligible for FSSAI License as per the FSSAI Act and regulations.

Importance of FSSAI Registration?

Every Food Business Operator must aim to provide satisfaction to the consumers by maintaining the quality and ensuring safety. Food safety and standards authority of India plays a vital role in establishing the procedures of control.

What is the FSSAI License Registration Procedure?

FSSAI License Registration procedure consists of 5 steps that are following-

  • Step 1: Fill the Form available on the webpage
  • Step 2: Get a call from our FSSAI Expert
  • Step 3: Upload necessary documents (ID proof like Aadhar Card/Ration Card/Voter ID/PAN
  • Card/Driving License)
  • Step 4: FSSAI Expert will apply for the food license
  • Step 5: Your FSSAI Certificate will be sent by the expert

Documentation required for obtaining FSSAI registration

  • Declaration of FSSAI
  • Photo Identity of Food Business Operator
  • Proof of the possession of the premises (ex- Rental Agreement)
  • Partnership Deed/Incorporation Certificate/Association Articles etc.
  • List of food products to deal with
  • Food Safety Management system plan

How to renew FSSAI License?

You require renewing the license before the expiry of the validity in order to carry on with the business. You have to remember to apply for renewal 30 days prior to the expiration.

Who should mandatorily obtain FSSAI License in India?

According to the rules and regulations of FSS Act 2006, the below-mentioned entities and individuals need to mandatory obtain FSSAI Registration:

  • All types of manufacturers
  • Food packaging unit
  • Food storage unit
  • Wholesale food business operators
  • Food Traders
  • Online food business operator
  • Caterers or hotels

What is FSSAI License Number?

The FSSAI License Number is a unique 14 digit number that provides manufacturer information. It also provides registration details. The brand owner displays the FSSAI Logo along with the license number on the food package label. In the case of imported food items, the importer will display the Logo and Number with the name and address of him.

How to acquire FSSAI License for Online Food Selling Business?

E-commerce food business operators come under the obligation of FSSAI License Registration as FSSAI has extended its scope. The e-commerce sector includes online delivery services such as Zomato, Swiggy etc and online grocery stores like Grofers, Big Basket etc. Since the E-Commerce food business sector has grown and operates widely, it is essential to comply with FSSAI for these services.

Which FSSAI License is required to run a business in more than two states?

A food business operator has to obtain a Central license for its head office to operate in more than two states and also needs a separate license for every unit on the basis of turnover.

Who will issue the license to the FBOs under Railway Premises?

For food businesses running on the premises of railway, the license will be issued by the Railway Designated Officers/FSO as notified by FSSAI.

In what circumstances Applications will be rejected?

The license is rejected by the officer if the required documents are not submitted within the stipulated time of 30 days.

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