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What are the basic Legal Rights and how do they help?

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Any and every person in India is entitled to certain legal rights that cannot be violeted. But not everyone is aware of their legal rights to defend themselves. There are rights that legally empower us to certain actions under the law. It is thus important for everyone to be aware of their legal right to protect themselves from illegal actions. This knowledge of basic rights allows one to send legal notice to people on legal grounds when framed.

What are the basic legal rights?

There are very basic rights of every individual in India which one is entitled to. Sme of them are right to knowledge, right to education, right to freedom of speech, right to religious beliefs, etc.  But there are certain rights that are part of the basic right of every individual but are not known. Not many people know all their basic rights they are entitled to. Therefore some of the basic right that one should know are:

  • The right to file an FIR

  • The right to claim a refund,

  • Right of parents to be maintained by their children,

  • Right to equal pay for equal work,

  • The rights of a woman when arrested,

  • Right to take legal action if a traffic police officer snatches the key of your vehicle,

  • Your right under the Police Act, 1861,

  • Right under the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961,

  • Right against the Cheque Bounce,

  • Right to a Free Legal Aid,

  • Right to Information (Article 19 (1) (a).

The above mentioned rights are few of the other common rights that one should know.

How does the knowledge of basic rights help?

The knowledge of the basic rights helps an individual in the day to day functions of the society. The knowledge of the basic right will help an individual tackle illegal means imposed on them. It will help them deal with facing unlawful action. One can easily take actions on unlawful acts by sending out legal notice against the other person. They can take certain actions on the legal ground of their rights. Just the knowledge is not enough as one also needs to know how to send a legal notice so that people action can be taken.

With the advancement of technology it has become easier for people to know their basic rights and send legal notices online against violators of the law. One is always protected under the law as it gives each individual certain birth rights that can not be compromised on.


One must always be aware of their legal right so that proper actions can be taken when violated. One often gets nervous when faced with legal issues such as the police, law, etc. in cases like this the knowledge of basic rights helps in taking appropriate actions at the moment and then deal with it in proper court of law. The basic rights protect an individual from unlawful actions and help in navigating the issues in legal ways.

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